Today’s Headlines

  • Prendergast Threatens to Cut MTA’s NYC Investment Unless City Pays (Politico, News, Post, WNYC)
  • Turning Truck Driver Seriously Injures 19-Year-Old Cyclist in Corona; No Charges (Post)
  • The Only Direction for Subway Ridership at Hudson Yards to Go Is Up (Post)
  • With Support From Council Members, de Blasio’s Ferry Plan Steams Ahead (AP, Gotham Gazette)
  • Tunnel Funding Offer From Christie, Cuomo Is Good, But Not Magnanimous (Crain’s)
  • Schumer Continues to Bang the Drum for Acting Quickly to Build the Tunnel (Post)
  • DOT Promises More Signs After Visiting Ocean Pkwy and Bay Pkwy With Dov Hikind (Bklyn Eagle)
  • Motorcyclists Want State Law to Give Drivers More Than Just a Ticket After Killing Someone (TU)
  • Man Charged With DUI After Car Bursts Into Flames While Driving on LIRR Tracks (WNBC, WPIX)
  • Could a Federal Investigation Halt the Flawed Newark Liberty PATH Extension? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • DNA Readers Tell the Upper East Side’s Anti-Citi Bike Parents to Get a Grip

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    trucker right hooked cyclist who was in Marked bike Lane

    Bratton and Trottenberg bear significant Responsibility for traffic violence in NY

  • BBnet3000

    Also, one of the most frequently blocked bike lanes in Brooklyn finally got some protection. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

  • WalkingNPR

    Is killing motorcyclists more than an “oopsie”? I mean, they’re motorized, so they’re kind of more serious transport. But then again, don’t they really look more like bicycles?

    It’s so hard to know sometimes who it’s okay to kill….

  • Jeff

    I think in this case you fall back on race or social class.

  • bolwerk

    So the Cuomo administration is offering $5 billion to buy New Jersey commuters a new route to Manhattan, but is threatening to cut city capital construction?

  • sbauman

    The collision occurred at 1:30 am. I’ve looked hard at the pictures but failed to see any lights on the bike. I’m not victim blaming but there are good and inexpensive lights available. It’s important to use them and use them correctly. BTW, my rear light is on during daylight hours as well as at night. I want all motorists behind me to notice me. It’s not foolproof. I’ve been hit from behind in broad daylight with the light on.

    There’s an important question for the truck. Neither 34th Ave nor 105th Street are truck routes. Trucks must remain on truck routes unless they are making a delivery. The delivery diversion must occur at the closest point from a truck route. There’s a truck route 1 block north of 34th Ave on Northern Blv. If there were a 1:30 am delivery on 105th St that truck should have remained on Northern Blv and turned right onto 105th St.

    There’s a traffic light at the corner of 34th Ave & 105th St. Had the truck used a truck route, the truck driver would have crossed 34th Ave at right angles with a traffic light. The collision was caused by the bike rider and the truck driver trying to occupy the same space at the same time. The bike rider had a legal right to be on this road. The truck driver did not.

    At the very least, NYPD should have given the truck driver tickets for not using a truck route.

  • qrt145

    Maybe he had helmet lights, who knows…

    Another question not addressed by the article is whether the truck driver signaled before turning. I believe many hook crashes could be prevented by appropriate use of turn signals by the driver. It is my observation that many drivers don’t signal when they believe that there’s no one to signal to, which is exactly when the signal would be the most useful to “invisible” road users, including but not limited to cyclists.

  • Failure to signal is the most frustrating and frequent driver failure I see on the roads. Its frequent, close to 50%, and frustrating, because the effort required to signal is so small.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Decent analysis

    thanks for the add’l info

  • Joe R.

    Agreed on the lights. Unlit cyclists are really hard to see at night, even for me on bike. I would imagine from a motor vehicle it would be even harder.

    I also use my rear flasher during my rare day rides. Anything which makes me more visible can’t hurt.