Today’s Headlines

  • It Really Happened: 7 Service Launches at Hudson Yards (NYT, WSJ, 2nd Ave SagasGothamistCrain’s)
  • Cuomo Surrogate Tom Prendergast Clumsily Blames de Blasio for G Train Derailment (Politico, Gothamist)
  • …Which Made for Some Awkward Moments at the 7 Extension Presser (Politico, WNYC, News, Post)
  • Doctoroff: Value Capture Could Pay for 7 Station at 42nd and 10th (News)
  • NYPD Officer Files Federal Complaint Alleging Discrimination at Highway Division (News)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Cyclist on City Island Bridge (NBCGothamist)
  • Drunk Driver Kills Woman in East Elmhurst (Post)
  • Off-Duty MTA Bus Driver Arrested for Driving Bus Drunk in Nassau (Post)
  • Staten Island Has a Speeding Problem (Advance)
  • Feeling Nostalgic for Whining About Citi Bike? This Bklyn Paper Piece Is for You

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  • Bolwerk

    Bill de Blasio should be an object lesson for politicians to the left of Batista: what happens when you throw your potential allies under the bus? He panders to drivers and bootlicking police state sycophants, neither of whom ever liked him anyway.

    Now he is everyone’s scapegoat, even though most of the problems we’re facing are other people’s fault.

  • Re: Staten Island Has A Speeding Problem”. Vincent Barone of the Staten Island Advance is one of that paper’s few reporters that would write a story with an emphasis on the number of speeders caught by camera, rather than the amount of ticket money….the latter perspective fuels the “oh it’s all about money” point of view so many Staten Islanders have.

    They don’t want to think about what a drop in the bucket $39 million in ticket revenue is compared to a $500 million paving and pothole repair budget. But then, they don’t want to think at all. Opponents of camera enforcement just want to point at big money and say that’s proof of what it’s all about. The bigger picture doesn’t elude them, it is deliberately ignored.

  • Simon Phearson

    Oh, they want to think very carefully about it, actually. Like the legal niceties of when and where the cameras are permitted to operate – they don’t want to get dinged with a flat $50 fine and zero points for breaking the law by speeding excessively near a school unless it is by. The. Book.

    I mean, if school isn’t actually in session, why should they be slowing down?

  • BBnet3000

    The times of the cameras seem to be deliberately designed by our state legislature to kill New York City’s children. Having them only running when the kids are safely inside of the school is madness.

  • neroden

    The rot in NYPD comes from the top.

    De Blasio should be making heads roll in NYPD. Looks like the head of the Highway Division needs to go along with Bratton. Why isn’t he getting rid of these thuggish gangsters?