Today’s Headlines

  • Not So Fast: DOT Says It’s Starting Pulaski Work Soon, But Won’t Finish This Year (Bklyn Paper)
  • More Coverage of DOT’s Complete Speed Cam Rollout (DNA, PIX, WCBS, Post, Advance)
  • United CEO Resigns Amid Federal Probe of Port Authority (WSJ, News, NPR, Bloomberg, NYT 1, 2)
  • Ray Kelly Has More Sensible Things to Say About Times Square Than Bill Bratton (Observer)
  • SUV Driver Injures Cyclist on Riverside Drive at 96th Street (West Side Rag)
  • College Point Tractor-Trailer Driver Suffers Heart Attack, Smashes Cars and Jumps Curb (Post)
  • Taxi Kingpin Gene Friedman Is Way Behind on His Taxes to the MTA (Post)
  • The Repairs to Marty Markowitz’s Former Parking Lot Are Almost Complete (Brownstoner)
  • NY1 Looks at the 7 Train Extension’s Impact on Far West Side Real Estate
  • Is the LowLine a Park, an Underground Atrium, a Canny Real Estate Deal, or All Three? (The Awl)
  • Recycle-A-Bicycle and Get Women Cycling Partner on Female-Focused Workshops in LIC (DNA)

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  • Matthias

    The Observer link leads to the story about the Riverside Drive SUV-bike crash, not Ray Kelly.

    I think this is the story:

  • bolwerk

    Not much of interest there unless you like authoritarian agitprop. Ray Kelly remains a major turd.

  • HamTech87

    I think its odd that the LowLine article made zero mention of returning the space to some sort of transit use. We’re so good at pissing away our infrastructure, unless it is for more driving.

  • Bolwerk

    Probably not useful to transit, in this case. Modern trams/surface rail should probably be about the length of 3-4 IRT cars, not something the length of a bus (or else you pretty much may as well just use a bus). Plus they should probably go across town rather than stop at Essex of all places.

    The lowline is a rather dumb idea though. Why not a bar or nightclub or something? Let the MTA lease it out. Steady revenue for MTA, and easily converted back if they ever want it again. Plus it’d probably be able to tolerate the inevitable rail noise. If we’re going to have a yuppie/hipster playground, let it be one that people pay to use.

    But it’s not like RBB or something where destroying the ROW would be an almost certain disappointment for the future.

  • JoshNY

    Whether or not you think the costumed characters and topless women are bath water, at least Kelly seems to acknowledge that you shouldn’t throw the baby out with them.

  • bolwerk

    Donald Trump is sometimes right too. So is a stopped clock.