Eyes on the Street: Cyclists Ride New Hudson Greenway Ramp in Inwood

The new ramp connecting the northern terminus of the Hudson River Greenway to Dyckman Street. Photos: Five Borough Bike Club/Facebook
The new ramp connecting the northern terminus of the Hudson River Greenway to Dyckman Street. Photos: Five Borough Bike Club/Facebook

Cyclists and wheelchair users will soon have improved access to the Hudson River Greenway in Inwood, when the Parks Department officially opens a new ramp connecting the greenway to Dyckman Street.

The ADA-compliant ramp, at the northern terminus of the greenway, was supposed to open a year ago. Until now users had to enter and exit the greenway via a set of stairs on a segment of Riverside Drive that serves as a Henry Hudson Parkway onramp. The new ramp rises from the street in a series of switchbacks.

Though Parks told us the project isn’t quite finished, photos of people using the ramp are popping up on Facebook and Twitter.

With the completion of this project, it’s even more urgent to make Dyckman Street — which connects the east and west side greenways — a safer place to bike and walk. As of July, dozens of people had been injured in crashes on Dyckman this year, according to DOT’s Vision Zero View.

Community Board 12 asked DOT to study a citizen-generated proposal to add a protected bike lane to Dyckman, but the agency hasn’t acted on the plan in the seven years since it first surfaced.


  • Jeff

    Ooooh, nice! Are there any plans to ever connect that fake water-level greenway thing that starts by La Marina to the real greenway? I can imagine a lot of people get on that thing by accident only to end up dead-ended and confused. I’d imagine it would entail some kind of structure over the water, similar to what they did between W 85th and W 92nd or so.

  • Brad Aaron
  • Matthias

    Agree that Dyckman urgently needs improvements. Rampant double-parking and aggressive driving make riding between the Harlem and Hudson greenways unsafe and unpleasant.

  • com63

    Finally! This thing has looked like it was complete for more than a year. I can’t imagine what the delay was.

  • Kate

    I was there this morning at about 6:20 and the gate was locked. Very disappointing!

  • About time! I’ve been waiting for this ramp for what seems like forever! Now let’s get a ramp to cross the Amtrak tracks inside Inwood Hill Park and you’ve basically opened up a huge new park to cyclists from downtown not wanting to carry their bikes up and down stairs.

  • HURRAY!!!

  • Brian

    9/12/15- Gates locked. Park employees nearby the ramp, noting that they where aware the ramp was open earlier in the week, were not able to explain the reason for the delay in allowing access to the ramp.

  • Crazytrainmatt

    The fence is gone!

    Now we can move on to complaining about the illegal parking blocking the path by La Marina…


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