Citi Bike Arrives on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer at the first Citi Bike station on the Upper East Side. Photo: NYC DOT
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer at the first Citi Bike station on the Upper East Side. Photo: NYC DOT

Citi Bike has begun its expansion to the Upper East Side and Upper West Side.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Council Member Ben Kallos, DOT Manhattan Borough Commissioner Margaret Forgione, DOT Deputy Commissioner for Policy Michael Replogle and Citi Bike General Manager Jules Flynn celebrated the first Citi Bike station on the Upper East Side with a photo-op this morning at 67th Street and Lexington Avenue.

As of this afternoon, stations have also been installed on the Upper West Side at 63rd and Broadway and along Central Park West at 68th and 72nd streets. In the coming weeks, a total of 47 stations will be installed as far north as 86th Street. Next year, 31 additional stations will bring Citi Bike as far north as W. 110th Street and E. 96th Street.

While the latest expansion is exciting, the station density on the Upper East and Upper West sides is lower than both the existing Citi Bike service area and DOT’s own density targets. This makes bike-share less convenient, potentially hampering ridership in two of the city’s densest neighborhoods. At this morning’s event, Daily News transit reporter Dan Rivoli asked about station density, and Kallos said he would welcome additional bike-share stations in the neighborhood.

Most stations in Citi Bike’s latest round of expansion have already been installed in Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bed-Stuy. Expansion will continue next year, with stations in Harlem, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Red Hook by the end of 2017.

New York isn’t the only city in the area getting bike-share stations: The first of 35 Jersey City bike-share was installed today.

  • Alex 3speed

    Citibike extended their $25 off promotion through the end of Sept. I’m still on the fence. The expansion will still be a half mile walk for me in 2015. But I do think I’d use it when going to meet people to either avoid a leg of transit or avoid transit altogether. I also shelve my bike in the snow and might be inclined to use this over the winter.
    Are any #bikenyc people here members? Input appreciated.

  • Steven Leslie

    Go for it, Alex. Once you get it, you’ll use it. I ride almost every day and am now looking forward to visiting the Upper East and West sides in a new way (having already tooled around the new Brooklyn and Queens areas). Citibike has replaced both my mass-transit rides and outings on my own bike. It’s very convenient to drop off a bike and not have to worry about theft, damage and how the weather might change later in the day. Citibike had many bike and station teething problems at the beginning, but these are largely resolved. The new bikes–look for the big red reflector in the back fender–are far superior to the first generation.

  • AnoNYC

    I hope that Mott Haven is included following eventual expansion to East 110th Street in Harlem.

    Personally, I’ll be using these Citi Bikes pretty heavily on the UES and crosstown trips here and there to the west side. Right now I use the bikes to zip around the CBD, mostly on the weeekend. As a Bronx resident though, I would love to have Citi Bikes in my neighborhood to reach alternative subway lines that are usually a bus ride away. Also during service changes.

    The UES expansion is definitely about to increase my lunch options though.

  • AnoNYC

    I agree, the new bikes just ride better. It’s noticeable.

  • Mike

    Get it, but also make sure to carry bike gloves or something to wash your hands with after riding.

  • Alex 3speed

    Thanks for the suggestions. I probably will sign up once the stations in the 80s come on board. If it’s this month I’ll save $25.
    I’m going to get an extra helmet to store at the office for incidental trips and am sure I’ll find other uses for the service. I’ll probably walk and bike halfway to Fairway, etc and be more prone to go to places in the southern end of the neighborhood.

  • Komanoff

    Citibike was a godsend for me last winter, sparing my commuter-MTB the snow/slush/dirt/salt. Plus there were several days I wasn’t going to bike at all — the snow accumulation on my local street looked too deep — but when I turned the corner, the snow on the arterial street looked manageable, and there was the Citibike station, beckoning me. I actually found the Citibikes more snow-worthy than my own bike.

  • Tyson White

    I have membership in addition to the 4 bikes I own…


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