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  • Jesse

    The sidewalk congestion downtown is a problem of scarce resource management. The obvious solution is to charge pedestrians a Sidewalk Congestion Fee to enter downtown sidewalks. We could even use the Sidewalk Congestion Fee to subsidize infrastructure that downtown sorely needs like filling potholes and building parking garages and generally upgrading the decaying automobile infrastructure.

  • HamTech87

    I think we need a new analysis of street-space usage on streets with protected bike lanes. Since the sidewalks are still squeezed, the bike lanes have become de facto sidewalks. Clearly, both pedestrians and cyclists need more legitimate space.

  • Bolwerk

    Poor Cuomo. His little car guy balls deprive him of courage. He’s afraid to meet in person with his soulmate/BFF Chris Christie to say, “No, sorry, New York can’t afford transportation welfare for anymore entitled suburbanites.” Which actually must make him feel really ambivalent.

  • Kevin Love

    The only problem is that the All-Powerful Pedestrian Lobby will never let this proposal get through Albany.

  • AnoNYC

    FiDi needs major pedestrianization. Many more streets need to be closed to automotive traffic, similar to downtowns/historic districts in several European cities.

  • AnoNYC

    The QChronical article really pi$$es me off. Talk about entitlement.

    So these people feel that they should have priority because they work in the area. Meanwhile the residents should just deal with slow mass transportation. A bus should also have priority over private automobiles, it only makes sense. It’s not in the city’s interest to make congestion worse for POVs, but it is in our best interest to have more efficient mass transportation. If the cost of such implementations are slower POV trips, so be it.

    And their last statement which states how Queens is not Manhattan is so out of touch with reality. Like Manhattan, Queens is dense, congested and most people utilize mass transportation to get to work. So yes, it is very much like Manhattan and similar solutions are necessary.

    What a rag.

  • AnoNYC

    We need the damn MoveNY plan implementated already so we can reduce congestion in the core and dedicate more automotive space to other uses.

    This is so frustrating.

  • Bolwerk

    The best part is actual research into this topic is even pretty conclusive: reducing lanes does, in fact, reduce traffic. It’s not even that surprising if you think about it.

  • Joe R.

    Yep, that entire piece got my blood boiling. Did it ever occur to some of these people that maybe their work arrangement isn’t feasible if it requires long car commutes? Seriously, the person complaining about her 45 minute commute turning into 90 minutes needs a reality check. Road travel, particularly in urban areas, has never been particularly reliable. Just becaue maybe it may take 45 minutes when the stars are aligned doesn’t mean it usually will. If you want small variations in travel times then use subways or commuter rail. Anything else is subject to random delays from collisions, construction, acts of nature, or just general variations in traffic levels. So if the “best case” commute is 45 minutes, perhaps you should be thinking about either changing jobs or moving.

    And yes, a bus carrying 40 or 50 people most certainly deserves priority over everything else except emergency vehicles. If private autos end up with more congestion so the bus has free passage that’s par for the course.