Driver Pleads to Felony in Hit-and-Run Death of Manhattan Pedestrian

Doohee Cho. Photo via Daily News
Doohee Cho. Photo via Daily News

A driver who killed a Union Square pedestrian pled guilty to a felony hit-and-run charge this week.

Doohee Cho, 33, was crossing Fifth Avenue between E. 15th and E. 16th streets in the early morning hours of September 28, 2014, when Macgyver Beltran hit him with a Chevrolet sedan, according to published reports.

Police arrested Beltran two days later, after releasing video of him speeding away from the scene in the visibly damaged car. Beltran had taken the car, a rental, to have it repaired, the Post reported.

Beltran, then 25, had an arrest record that included a reckless driving offense, the Post said.

According to court records, Beltran was charged with leaving the scene of an injury crash and evidence tampering, class D and E felonies, respectively. He pled guilty to both charges on Tuesday.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance did not charge Beltran for the act of killing Doohee Cho.

The top charge against Beltran — leaving the scene — carries penalties ranging from probation to seven years in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on August 26.

  • Eric McClure

    Should have his license back in what, three months? Appalling.

  • djx

    Proof it’s not illegal to kill people with cars. You can’t run red lights (though the police ignore that unless you’re on a bike). You can’t drive drunk. You might get fined for details of license infractions. And you certainly cannot ignore alternate side of the street regulations.

    But killing people. No law against that.

  • neroden

    This is outrageous. Beltran should have been prosecuted for manslaughter and he needs his license revoked.

    Cy Vance still isn’t doing his job…

  • AdaLove

    New York City is a very, very dangerous place for anyone who does not drive. In this city, drivers are more important than pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, etc. It unbelievable how little NYC cares about human beings and works so hard to protect reckless, careless drivers who don’t give a damn who they hit. I used to wonder why taxis didn’t care if they hit me or not. It’s because they would only get a fine for taking my life. What is wrong with New York?

  • qrt145

    NYC is not “very, very dangerous” for non-drivers. Sure, it could be better, we want it to be better, and the system sucks. But it’s still one of the safest places in the US for non-drivers. Very, very dangerous would be a place like Florida.


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