Today’s Headlines

  • Dump Truck Driver Kills 81-Year-Old Woman on Broadway in Bushwick (WNBC, News)
  • 30-Year-Old Bicyclist Dies of Heart Attack (Post); Initial Reports Were of Hit-and-Run (DNA, WNBC)
  • Taxi Driver, MTA Bus Driver Seriously Injure Man, 56, Crossing Fifth Ave in Midtown (DNA, Post, WNBC)
  • Tish James Wants Left-Turn Signals at 100 Intersections, Reports on ROW Crashes (News)
  • Mark Levine Proposes Legislation to Regulate Car-Share Companies Using Curbside Parking (Politico)
  • The Subway’s On-Time Performance Declined Last Year (WSJ)
  • The Oldest Trains in the Subway, From 1964, Won’t Get Replaced Until 2022, Instead of 2018 (News)
  • MTA Head of Capital Construction Not Confident in Opening 2nd Ave Subway On Time (Observer)
  • Candidate Christie Promises No New Taxes, While Governor Christie Must Find Transpo Funds (Politico)
  • Citi Bike to Expand to Red Hook, Cobble Hill, Park Slope Next Year (Brad Lander)
  • Commercial Observer Finds Citi Bike Opponents Dwindling, But a Few Just Won’t Give Up

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    82 year old victim was in crosswalk and killed driver accelerated towards her.

  • BBnet3000

    I like to think of this approach where we ignore making the streets better for cycling and just put bike share everywhere as “throw a bunch of bikes at the street and see how many stick”.

  • Ghost of JSK

    Nailed it. That’s Polly Trottenberg’s philosophy in a nutshell.

  • Pat

    From the Observer article: “Parents and concerned citizens, who were not identified
    in the document, worried about strangers coming into the area to use
    the racks to either put away or take out bikes”

    What a bubble these people are living in.

  • Reader

    Children are never abducted by strangers in vans.

  • WalkingNPR

    Nope…just that old cliche of the windowless Citibike.

  • Jesse

    Re heart attack cyclist: WAS HE WEARING A HELMET, NY POST!? WE NEED TO KNOW!

  • Alexander Vucelic

    I was at a couple of the UES CB meetings and it was illuminatjng to hear the pearl clutchers describing Citibikes as some alien life force coming to infect the neighborhood. They honestly believe;

    1) bicycles are not for children
    2) Citibikes are used mainly by tourists or
    3) criminals to come into the nieghborhood
    4) Citibikes are hardly ever used
    5) Citibikes are more dangerous than drivers
    7) Citibikes cause congestion
    8) Citibike stations reduce property values

  • Reader

    What’s funny is that in the minds of these crazy people “Citi Bikes are hardly ever used” can co-exist with “Citi Bikes are more dangerous than drivers.”

    No one is going to use these bikes! These bikes are going to be whizzing all over the place!

    Pick one.

  • JamesR

    You sure that your CB meeting wasn’t actually in Bronxville, instead of the UES? Amazing to think that people who think like this live here.

  • Maggie

    The W 81st and Amsterdam Citibike location in the Observer article also doesn’t exist. I wonder if they meant W 81st and Columbus? It does seem like that one fits better in the southeast corner, where there’s wide sidewalks, lots of green space & the American Museum of Natural History.