Today’s Headlines

  • Daily News Covers Yesterday’s Carnage: Separate Crashes in Manhattan, Bronx Injure Nine
  • Man Killed Crossing Atlantic at Clinton Identified as Muyassar Moustapha, 66 (Gothamist)
  • More Gateway Tunnel Coverage: NYT, Politico, Observer, WSJ, News, Crain’s, Gothamist, Post 1, 2
  • The Observer, Sick and Tired of the Squabbling, Tells Pols to Build the Tunnel Already
  • Two Brooklyn Teachers Killed in Tractor-Trailer Wreck While on Vacation in Arizona (News, Post)
  • DWI Charges Against Off-Duty NYPD Highway Officer Deferred Pending Toxicology Results (Advance)
  • Gotham Gazette Chronicles Dysfunction and Inefficiency Under Bronx DA Robert Johnson
  • Pedestrian Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park Remains Closed, Awaiting Inspection (NYT)
  • WNYC Isn’t Really Sure What Causes Traffic in Manhattan
  • MTA Names Agency Vet James Ferrara Acting President of NYC Transit (Post)
  • Queens Bike Organizers Plan Monthly Rides to Restaurants Around the Borough (DNA)

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  • WNYC Isn’t Really Sure What Causes Traffic in Manhattan

    Private automobiles.
    Irrational tolling and pricing policies.
    Insufficient rail capacity for freight deliveries.

  • Jesse

    Some of the WNYC comments are hilarious. Bike lanes, bus lanes, sidewalk extensions: all cause congestion! It’s like saying belts cause obesity.

  • qrt145

    My favorite was the claim that the bike lane on 1st Ave. reduced the number of car lanes from 5 to 2.

  • Bolwerk

    Lack of lanes.
    Sidewalks too wide.
    Lack of free parking.
    Inability to park next to fire hydrants.
    Bus lanes.
    Unspecified bottlenecks.
    Union librul socialism.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    that damn fountain in Washington Square

  • Bolwerk

    Oh, right.

    Plus I totally forgot about the vital importance of more highways to Manhattan (under the Hudson River) and through Manhattan.

  • Obviously the presence of bicycles force double parking.

  • Street parking usually causes twice as much congestion as bike lanes, if present. When they’re not present – say, Manhattan’s Third Avenue in Midtown – what exactly could you blame for congestion, and what effective tradeoffs would citizens be willing to make (instead of ripping out the First Avenue protected bike lane that’s situated about a quarter mile away)?

    Dodging responsibility has become too common in this discussion. If drivers want less congestion, they’re going to have to bring something to the table

  • Alexander Vucelic

    when are They Finally going to build that Long overdue superhighway linking The Manhattan Bridge to the Holland Tunnel ?

    when will They Finally come to Their Senses and open up Riverside Park to another superhighway ? bet at least 8 lanes could fit on all the wasted space where some stupid Elms grow ?

    and what about a big ol’ Bridge from Staten Island direct to The Battery ? Sure the cloverleaf exchange might require a few antiquated buildings to be adjusted, but look how much the Tribpro Bridge helped Spanish Harlem !