Today’s Headlines

  • Gelinas: Skepticism Over Boston’s Olympic Mega-Projects Holds Lessons for NY (Post)
  • Tri-State Has Photos of New Pedestrian Plaza Coming to 33rd Street (MTR)
  • Bed-Stuy Restoration Corp Talks About Its Work With Bike-Share (Our Time Press)
  • East River Storm Protection Plan Could Involve Less-Horrible FDR Drive Crossings (Lo-Down)
  • Park Slope Fifth Ave BID to Count Pedestrians With New Sensors (DNA)
  • Two NYPD Officers Injured in Belt Parkway Collision (WPIX)
  • Woman’s Leg Injured After Her Car Rolls Away From Her, Into Home (Advance, DNA)
  • Unlicensed Driver Indicted in Crash That Killed Passenger (Advance)
  • Driver Who Smashed Nostrand Storefront Blames It On Mysterious Bicyclist (Sheepshead Bites)
  • Midtown Road Rage Driver Smashes Window of Vehicle After Dispute Over Merging (News)
  • BP Adams Devotes Cash to Park Along Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway (DNA)

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  • Mathew Smithburger

    Come to think of it this mysterious bicyclist has been active in my kitchen as well. My wife got up this morning and discovered that someone had eaten all the donuts! I mentioned that I had seen a bicyclist cycle through our kitchen that morning while I was having my coffee and reading the paper. She seemed, though outraged at first, to accept that explanation. So no charges will be filed. I’m just wondering if the City Council will have the courage to enact some kind of legislation that cracks down on the mysterious bicyclist.

  • Re mysterious cyclist: The gas pedal got stuck as he was returning home from an auto show, where his truck got third place. Hmmm, something fishy.

  • djx

    Something similar happened to me. My wife found me with traces of pie all over my face, and I told her a mysterious cyclist caused me to trip and fall face first into the pie and swallow it all.

  • AnoNYC

    Another face “begrimed” by a bicyclists.

  • Flakker

    Re: Boston Olympics: I want to remind everyone that Mayor Walsh’s self-righteous announcement to cancel the Olympics offer merely cancelled out his previous self-serving offer to host them, a whopping 8 months ago, with taxpayers covering the cost overruns.