Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo: No Time for Toll Reform (Capital), Just Cough Up MTA Cash From Somewhere (Gothamist)
  • 63-Year-Old Cyclist in Critical Condition After Harlem Hit-and-Run (Post, WCBS, WNBC)
  • TA’s Vision Zero Report Card Slams MTA, TLC, DMV (News, AMNY)
  • James, Lancman Want More Blind Spot Sensors on City Vehicles, MTA Buses (Observer, News)
  • Dorothy Gerstenfeld, 88, Dies From Injuries Seven Weeks After Bronx Driver Struck Her (News)
  • Family of Severely Injured Cyclist Struck by LIC Driver Speaks Out (DNA)
  • Repeat Hit-and-Run Unlicensed Driver: It’s Not My Fault My Passenger Died (Advance)
  • Whitestone Driver Charged with DUI After Crashing Into DSNY Truck (Forum)
  • Is This the End of the MTA, or Is This Exactly How It’s Supposed to Work? (2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Modern-Day Moses? How Cuomo Learned the Lessons of the Master Builder for the TZB (City Limits)
  • The Post Pushes to Honor Robert Moses by Renaming Some of the Infrastructure He Built

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  • Andres Dee

    IIRC, Robert Caro in “The Power Broker” wrote that Moses was low-key about his ethnicity and skittish about having roads named for him. They’d get abbreviated to “Moses highway” or “Moses bridge”. I have no issue with naming the Whitestone (though I’d much prefer his name be attached to, say, Port Authority Bus Terminal). I suspect that we’ve evolved to appreciate ethnicity and diversity (more than in the 30s and 40s) and that Moses would also not object.

  • Bolwerk

    No, stop renaming stuff, especially for thugs. Moses has plenty of things named after him anyway, like nearby Robert Moses State Park.

    PABT was an Austin Tobin initiative. Tobin and Moses were opponents. So that idea about PABT is actually delightfully insulting, though it’s also reason to believe it would never happen!

  • c2check

    Renaming PABT the Robert Moses Bus Terminal seems like a perfectly and appropriately ironic honor 😉

  • Jeff

    Given his role in entrenching automobile use in the city, maybe a trauma center? A hospital ward that treats young children with severe asthma?

  • Jesse

    I don’t think you should be able to name something for Robert Moses without mentioning that he was a racist and overt social engineer.

    “Robert Moses memorial underpass designed to keep buses with black passengers from the beach”

    “Robert Moses bridge deliberately created without pedestrian access because screw people who can’t afford cars”

    “Robert Moses highway interchange where a thriving black neighborhood used to be”

  • Jeff

    I think they should name those annoying stairs on the Triborough Bridge the “Robert Moses Hates You Memorial Staircase”.

  • Crazytrainmatt

    Instead, name just the bike/pedestrian path on the Bronx-Whitestone after Moses (hint: it was removed to make room for more traffic).

    Or how about the “Robert Moses Forever Wild interchange” between the Deegan, Henry Hudson and Mosholu parkways dividing Van Cortlandt park?

    Or the FDR as it subsides into the East River?

    If you are a car-driving suburbanite, maybe his legacy still seems laudable. Certainly the parks are nice. But if you live in city, his decaying infrastructure looks mostly like a shortsighted relic of a brief and long-gone era.

  • c2check

    Anyone remember when Gov Cuomo shut down the subway last winter? Funny how it has his responsibility then.

  • Reader

    Trust me, when a subway tunnel collapses or there’s some other maintenance-related disaster, Cuomo will gladly take responsibility and pose for a picture…when the tunnel reopens after a massively expensive restoration effort.