Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Mad as Hell With Cuomo and He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore (NY1, NYT)
  • Uber Cap: More Coverage of Hearing (Capital) and Uber’s Protest Outside (NYTPost, News, Observer)
  • Post and AMNY Not Impressed by de Blasio’s Planned Cap on Uber and Other For-Hire Cars
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Drank Before Killing Betty Jean DiBiaso Turns Himself In (WNBC)
  • This Week’s Village Voice Cover Stories Look at the MTA’s Woes (1, 2, 3)
  • Canarsie Car Owners Cannot Deal With New Bike Path in Their Neighborhood (News 12)
  • Man Repeatedly Punches Financial District Traffic Agent After Getting Parking Ticket (DNA)
  • There’s No Proof Crossing Guards Make Streets Safer, But They Do Put Themselves at Risk (Crain’s)
  • Condos to Replace Shuttered East Village Gas Station on 2nd Avenue (Bowery Boogie)
  • Get Ready for More NYPD Vehicles Parked on the Brooklyn Bridge Path (News, Post)
  • Meet the Mets, by Bike: Team Advertises on Citi Bike for First-Pitch Sweepstakes (News)

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  • Bolwerk

    Fucking “progressive” pols lose almost every time because they always have to be nice to authoritarians. The authoritarians just pay back the sycophancy with scorn, feeling no obligation, and suffering no cost, for not being nice back. Everything wrong with the Cuomo-de Blasio relationship was predictable in 2013 and obvious in early 2014. BdB could have pushed Cuomo “left” (for lack of a better word) by engaging the Teachout in the election last year. He didn’t have to endorse her; he just had to entertain her. Cuomo had already spanked him on issues like charter schools, so the working relationship wasn’t that good even then. Yet Cuomo’s bowels were watering over the danger of a real primary challenge. Forcing him to take pro-NYC positions would at the very least have undermined his relationship with the state senate Republikans and likely would have won lots of nice concessions.

  • Crosswalker

    Crossing guards, as much as everyone appreciates their hard work, are an easy way for politicians to demonstrate that they’re doing something without actually having to do anything. No need to get behind changing a street’s design, lowering auto speeds, or losing parking spaces. Just plop a person with a bright vest and a uniform on each corner, pose for some nice pictures, and – voila! – you’ve shown that you truly care about traffic safety, no hard choices required.

  • Mike

    The Mets? Don’t they want people to actually enter the contest?

  • djx


  • djx

    Yes – NYPD with reasonable response to guy on Brooklyn Bridge: “NYPD top brass said the most recent incident was trespassing, but was not considered a “security breach”.”

  • Kevin Love

    I see that the man who got a parking ticket and punched the Traffic Agent in the face was charged with second degree assault. How foolish of him! He should have ran the Traffic Agent over and killed him. Then it would have been “no criminality suspected.”

  • Amen.