Today’s Headlines

  • UWS Community Board Wants Northbound Protected Bike Lane, And Fast (DNA)
  • Family Mourns Ethan Villavicencio, 7-Year-Old Killed by Driver in Bronx Restaurant (Post)
  • Upper West Siders Kvetch About Bike-Share Stations; Claim They Will Endanger Children (DNA, Post)
  • Staten Island CB 1 Backs Road Diet, Bike Lanes for Clove Road (Advance)
  • Straphangers Campaign Holds Funeral for New Subway Cars, MTA Capital Program (News)
  • Two Injured When Hell’s Kitchen Bus Driver Sideswipes Building (DNA)
  • Residents Turn Out for Jamaica Bay Greenway Workshops (Bklyn Daily)
  • Columbia Study Measuring Air Quality for Cyclists (WNYC)
  • DNA Offers Quiz on NYC Bike Laws
  • Driving Makes People Go Crazy, Part One Million (DNA, Advance)

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  • kevd

    Glad to see the DOT is working to improve the Jamaica Bay path and ESPECIALLY the mapped Flatbush Ave route from Kings Plaza (ave. U) to south of the Belt Parkway.
    The way that path currently crosses the highway on and off ramps is absurd.
    Also, it is mostly just a cracked, broken old sidewalk.

  • BBnet3000

    Improvements I’d like to see on this path:

    1. Addabbo Bridge, which has an unprotected bike lane completely inappropriate for the speed of the adjacent cars.

    2. Connection to the Shore Parkway Path in Bay Ridge, which they are definitely not doing as part of this, but which features some of the worst instances of “take the lane” in the entire city (Cropsey Ave bridge)

    3. Beach Channel Drive. The most natural connection between the two bridges in the Rockaways, and has plenty of room for some kind of bike infrastructure. The right lane has been closed for over a year now because it is subsiding, and I’ve been riding inside the cones of it like a protected bike lane.

    Of these the Addabbo Bridge is the only one I think we have a chance of seeing as part of this plan, or indeed within any tolerable timeframe.

  • Mathew Smithburger

    Yes, the Citibike stations are dangerous. No matter that around 200 pedestrians are killed by cars in NYC every year, the Citibike stands are a danger. No matter that Vision Zero is nothing but a two word slogan, that Uber cars are flooding Manhattan’s core and making it a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists. No matter that what we need to SAVE LIVES are red light and speeding cameras. What are our Upper West Side neighbors girding tup their loins against ? What do they perceive to be a threat to their CHILDREN (given the demographic of the area many of what they call “children” are over 60 years)? Yes, predictably, the Citibike stands.

  • Bolwerk

    Most arguments about how dangerous bikes are seem to be made from a perspective of, “Well, if I kill/maim a cyclist with my car, it’d be really inconvenient for me….”

  • kevd

    I rode Flatbush to the Rockaways of over the Gill Hodges yesterday, then back across the Addabbo and Broad Channel, then the Belt Parkway.
    So I’ll only speak about those areas.

    The biggest problem is Flatbush Avenue between Kings Plaza and the path south of the Belt.
    Speed limit is 35, and drivers treat it like a highway because it is engineered like a highway. A decent separated path is needed with traffic control devices where it crosses the entrance and exit ramps to the Belt.

    The “bike path” from the Gill Hodges east is horrible. Broken old pavement, and completely unusable in places.
    Oh, then it just dead ends leaving you on the wrong side of a highway!
    So, agreed about beach channel drive.

    At the very minimum flexible bollards on the addabbo and cross bay blvd through the wildlife reserve portion.

    Why is there no connection from the Western-most street in Howard beach (78th ST) to the Belt Parkway path!?!?! That is just silly and mean. Oh, the southern and westernmost streets in Howard beach, along the edge of the future Spring Creek Park are perfect for a bike path.

    I’ll take your word on Bay Ridge, as I never really ride there!

    At least the Shore Parkway path improvements are gradually progressing westward. The rebuild portions are really quite nice.

  • Mike

    I agree with all of that. By the way, check out Bay Ridge. The path along the water is the most pleasant place I’ve found to ride in the entire city. The part from Bay Ridge Ave. to the Verrazano is two uninterrupted miles of bike path, with a row of benches separating it from pedestrians and no way that cars could possibly get there. Past the bridge, things get a little more mixed use in stretches and there are places that need some repaving. Still worth the ride though.

  • Geck

    A separated bike path on the West side of the Addabbo Bridge would really help (there is already a bike bath on that side along the preserve). Also continuing the path on the edge of Spring Creek Park to connect to the Belt Parkway would be great. Adding a link to Bay Ridge makes sense too in the long run.

    Don’t just post here. Tell DOT:

  • ahwr

    Adabbo might be able to get a two way protected path on the west side. This fits with the existing two way path on the west side south of the bridge, and the bike lanes a block or two west of cross bay north of the bridge. I doubt you’ll be able to get two one way paths, though I’m not sure that setup would actually be preferable. The bridge is an evacuation route, it’ll be much harder to reduce road space on the northbound eastern side than the southbound western side.

  • BBnet3000

    Except the space is already being used for a bike lane + buffer on BOTH sides, all they have to do is protect it. This is one location where I would support jersey barriers, as the speed of traffic is insane.

  • Joe R.

    Anyone know if they fixed the “sand trap” near Plumb Beach yet? I know they were supposed to last year, but it seems NYC never does anything as scheduled.

    The extension along Emmons Avenue sounds great. That would give me about 9 miles of (mostly) uninterrupted cycling when I visit my friend in Coney Island. While we’re looking at potential improvements, a bridge over Flatbush Avenue instead of a signalized intersection would be nice as well. And what can be done to extend the Belt Parkway Greenway on the east end? Extended it east to the Van Wyck, and having putting a similar greenway along the Van Wyck, would really be nice. That would be another ~4 miles less I need to be on regular streets. It’s a pity greenways weren’t built adjacent to all NYC expressways. That would have provided a great express bike network to get around the outer boroughs.

  • ahwr

    I thought you only had a buffer southbound? Haven’t been there recently.

  • BBnet3000

    Ah, you are right. I usually do this southbound as part of a loop. Still, I don’t see why they couldn’t still put that embarassingly narrow bikeway behind a jersey barrier. They did it on Fort Hamilton Parkway (while still maintaining a very wide lane for cars).

  • Joe R.

    Don’t forget a large percentage of the UWS demographic were born with a silver spoon up their behind. They’ve never had any real problems in their lives, so they need to pick on something just to give them some sense of purpose, or maybe community involvement, or just something to do. Seriously, when I read about the things they complain about, I want to go there and scream “Get a life already!” at the top of my lungs. These people haven’t a clue what real problems are.

  • ahwr

    FHP isn’t an evacuation route. I think a two way path on the southbound side is much more likely, and not necessarily less useful for most cyclists.

  • Maggie

    It’s fixed, and gorgeous!

  • Joe R.

    Thanks! Maybe I’ll take a ride out there this weekend.

  • Cold Shoaler

    “places that need some repaving”

    I’d say this is a bit of an understatement unless there have been significant improvements in the past 3 months. I’ve seen some alarming pothole/cave-ins there – big enough for a garbage can!

  • Cold Shoaler

    4. Get rid of the dismount and walk BS on Gil Hodges. It adds a miserable 15-20 minutes to a trip out to the beach. People walking with bikes next to them take up more space than people riding bikes slowly. Last summer someone told me NYPC was enforcing it because a pedestrian was hurt by a cyclist. Can you imagine if motorist were held to this standard. “I’m sorry, someone was hurt by a driver here; you have to get out and push your car to the other side.”

  • BBnet3000

    Agree this is totally ridiculous. This and the Cross Bay Bridge are both run by the MTA but its definitely something DOT should have a talk with them about (same goes for the Triborough Bridge). To their credit NYC DOT bridges do not have this idiotic policy.

  • kevd

    All MTA bridges have this absurd rule, right?
    Even the cross bay (From Broad Channel to Rockaway Beach) has dismount signs. And that path is as wide or wider than the path on the Manhattan bridge.

  • kevd

    there is a buffer northbound. A small one – but plenty big for Jersey barriers or bollards.

  • kevd

    I use that path when going south – but not north because that involves crossing Cross Bay Blvd twice.
    A bi-directional on the southbound Addabbo would be great.

  • Cold Shoaler

    I’d even settle for ‘walk bike in the presence of pedestrians’ or some such. The space is narrow, I get it, but walking nearly a mile when nobody else is around is just silly. The time I crossed last summer when there were a decent number of people using the path there was an officer making everyone dismount. The ‘foot’ traffic was 100% cyclists.

  • kevd

    The one to Rockaway from broad channel isn’t narrow (but has the same rules). They used to have this rule on the Pulaski, too.