Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Smashes Into Bronx Restaurant, Killing Boy, 7 (NYT, News, Post, DNA, WNBC)
  • Iris Rhooms, 91, Dies of Injuries Caused by SUV Driver Near Her Brownsville Home (News, WNBC)
  • Francisco Moya Opposes 111th Street Road Diet (DNA)
  • Lee Sander Takes on Rory Lancman for His Opposition to Move NY Toll Reform (Q Chron)
  • New Private Eight-Story Garage to Add Up to 2,200 Parking Spaces Next to LGA (DNA)
  • MTA Says Astoria Won’t Face Cut in Service, But Queens Riders Wary of Q Train Serving 2nd Ave (News)
  • The Post Says de Blasio Is Not Ticketing Enough Pedicab Operators for Overcharging (1, 2)
  • Hampton Jitney Blames Delay on Bill de Blasio (Gawker) — But Turn Ban Was Proposed in 2013 (PDF)
  • This Should Brighten Your Friday: News Reader Donates Bike to Woman Whose Ride Was Stolen

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  • SteveVaccaro

    My heart pains for the family of that poor 7 year old boy, and my stomach turns at the thought of the 73 y/o hit and run killer Oduro. To think I sat in a community board meeting 2 nights ago with people yelling “safety first” as a rationale for keeping Citibike stations away from schools. This (or, more easily, what happened to Cooper Stock) could have happened to any one of their children. But what gets them to the community board is the “threat posed” by bikes. One of the speakers, an Upper East Side resident, complained that a proposed Citibike kiosk would interfere with his ability to safely drop his child off at the UES he drives him to each morning. That parent’s unnecessary driving is the proven threat to the safety of children at that school, not bike share. But that obvious truth is so how beyond the ken of otherwise rational people.

  • BBnet3000

    The DNAinfo article is enlightening about Moya. Despite 8 workshops, he says the project needs more community input. What a huge waste of staff time this has already been for a not-very-long street segment. These resources are being diverted from safety projects in your neighborhood.

    People trying to keep NYC streets in their 1960s car-centric configurations feel that they are entitled to their own sets of facts, and our planning process enables them.

  • kumicho

    So the post quotes an “outrage” of $120 for a 40min ride, and then posts a picture of a pedicab that looks like it has a “$3/minute” sign on the side….

    I’m guessing conservatives just suck at math?

  • Brad Aaron

    “Mr. Simpson, your silence only incriminates you further.”

  • WalkingNPR

    But hey, at least the driver hadn’t had to ride the subway in 40 years, right?

  • Some Asshole

    Math is a liberal plot to put us all in commie trains.

  • stairbob

    Another dead kid. So sad and horrible.

    Perversely, since the driver made an inept escape attempt, there’s now a chance he will be punished for his crimes.