Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Express Bus Driver Critically Injures Senior in Financial District; No Charges (Post, News, WCBS)
  • Turning Driver Injures Park Slope Delivery Man on Motorized Scooter; No Charges (News)
  • Street Corner Named in Honor of Cooper Stock (DNA, News, Post, WCBS, WABC, WPIX, Gothamist)
  • NYC Drivers, Especially Cabbies, Run a Lot of Red Lights (Post, News, WPIX, WCBS)
  • Armed Robbery Suspects Smash Cars, House in Queens Police Chase (WNBC)
  • Motorcyclist Dead After Turning Driver Strikes Him on Rockaway Pkwy in Canarsie (News)
  • NYC Has Fewer Crashes Per Capita Than Anywhere Else in the State (Advance)
  • Meet the Financial and Real Estate Executives Cuomo Named to Port Authority Board (WNYC, Capital)
  • Advance Picks Up City Report on Car Crashes Involving City Fleet
  • DNA Covers Sixth Graders Pressing Manhattan CB 7 to Act on Street Safety
  • Downtown Parents and Precinct Push NYPD Brass for More Crossing Guards (Downtown Express)

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  • Guest

    How long until Cuomo gets on his high horse again to demand the Port Authority get out of the real estate business (after stocking it with real estate guys, instead of people who know something about transportation)?

    But Veronica Vanterpool’s criticism seems misdirected. The poor selection of commissioners isn’t what the Port Authority is doing, but rather what the governor is doing to it.

  • UWSider

    I was sickened by the victim-blaming that CM Rosenthal indulged in at the street naming ceremony, as if Cooper Stock’s death and all the other vehicle-caused homicides each year could be avoided simply by paying better attention when crossing a street. The infrastructure installed at 97th and WEA after Cooper’s death would almost certainly have saved his life, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t already have been in place there, and on every other street now.

  • Reader

    There’s one person who should be blamed for the ongoing traffic violence problems on the Upper West Side and that’s Helen Rosenthal. She has the power to replace do-nothing community board members who are obsessed with parking, yet chose to reappoint some of the worst offenders. Her political career is not more important than our children’s lives. Until the real community – that is, people beyond the unelected community board – start pointing their fingers at her and Gale Brewer, nothing is going to change.