Today’s Headlines

  • Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Driver for Killing Ian Paul Bubb, 49, in Canarsie (PostWNBC, News 1, 2)
  • Truck Driver Fatally Strikes Woman in Bedford-Stuyvesant (WPIX)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures 7-Year-Old Abriana Carrasco in Allerton (News, Post, DNA, PIX)
  • Driver Critically Injures Sincere Atkins, 8, in South Jamaica (News)
  • Police Release Video of Hit-and-Run Driver Who Injured Bronx Boy, 12, Last Weekend (WNBC, WCBS)
  • Daily News on Vision Zero: Traffic Deaths Are Down, But Some Major Streets See Increases
  • Cabbie Who Killed Cooper Stock Tries to Weasel Out of Civil Lawsuit on Technicality (Post)
  • TWU Goes After de Blasio in Quest to Get Special Exemption From Right of Way Law (News)
  • TLC Reduces Fines for Taxi Drivers Caught Running Red Lights (NY1)
  • MTA Funding Ideas From Assemblyman Rodriguez (Crain’s) and Citizens Budget Commission (C&S)
  • 10 Percent of NY Region’s Gas Stations Closed From 2003-2013, Mostly in NYC (Post)
  • Meet the Man Behind the Latest Petition for a Car-Free Prospect Park (DNA)

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  • qrt145

    Also in that state across the river, a taxi driver “lost control” and killed his passengers John Nash (the Nobel laureate mathematician made more famous when his story was told in “A Beautiful Mind”) and his wife.

  • Joe R.

    What a totally pointless way for such a brilliant person to die.

  • Bolwerk

    Surprisingly good funding ideas from Rodriquez. I was scared for a second by the really dumb lede in the Crain’s article, but that is probably the magazine’s fault.

    Still doesn’t touch on the two really obvious things, which should be in the state legislature’s power: (1) cut labor costs. Sunset archaic positions and work rules. (2) Find ways to control construction costs.

  • Maggie

    Strange writeup by NY1 of a strange move by TLC. It reads like they think cabbies have no control over whether their vehicles run reds. Which would be a shame! If only cab drivers (and only they) had some simple and effortless way to avoid running red lights. Something straightforward. Like moving the right foot a few inches.

    Who signs off on this anti-safety move by TLC?