Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Riders to Cuomo: Fix the Subways Now (News, AMNYPost)
  • SUV Driver Kills Man on Hell’s Kitchen Sidewalk; No Charges Yet (Post)
  • Cabbie Fails to Yield to Woman in Midtown Crosswalk, Critically Injuring Her (Post)
  • Driver Smashes Into Chinese Restaurant in Bed-Stuy (News)
  • What’s Behind the Drop in MTA Bus Ridership? (AMNY)
  • Schumer Rips Boehner for “Massive Ignorance” on Transit (CapNY)
  • NYC-Philly Amtrak Service Resumes Today (NYT)
  • You Can’t Justify Seatbelts on Trains (NYT)
  • Some Researchers Still Think Riding Citi Bike Without a Helmet Is a Problem (Post)
  • Pedestrians Observations Has a Plan for Rail Linking Hudson County to Midtown to the Bronx

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  • Bolwerk

    Boehner should be garroted with one of those train seatbelts.

  • IlIlIl

    ZeroVision really took the weekend off.

  • com63

    In the post article it says: “Cab driver Babul Miah, 29, was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and failing to exercise due care, police said.”
    I would guess that “charged” means given tickets rather than arrested under the right of way law. Maybe charges are on the way.

  • NYCyclist

    Unfortunately, even reading the Post with a helmet on won’t save you.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Poor Cuomo (Christie, Rahm Emmanuel, etc).

    They take office thinking they have the same “right” to sell the future to advance their career as their predecessors. And then, without warning, the future starts to arrive.

  • Joe R.

    It’s looking an awful lot like the game of musical chairs is over. Unfortunately, Cuomo arrived too late to grab that last chair. Like it or not, the day of reckoning is here. He and whomever comes after are going to have to make some really tough decisions. Today’s costs can no longer be passed to the future generation. I don’t have an answer yet on what the fairest solution might be, but I’m leaning heavily towards a wealth tax. Those who gained the most selling out future generations will lose the most with a wealth tax.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “He and whomever comes after are going to have to make some really tough decisions. Today’s costs can no longer be passed to the future generation.”

    No one has fessed up yet and embraced that role. Everyone just tries to hide and lie and defer and talk about something else. New Jersey and Illinois are much closer to the brink. You see what’s going on there, and you’d have to think they are insane.

    Look at Obama! He came into office when the consumer-debt driven economy of the past 35 years was in collapse. Instead of making “blood and tears” speeches and seeking a way forward, he implemented the Bush plans to preserve the assets of the rich, borrowed massively with the cost to be deferred later, and managed to put off the reckoning. Until the next recession, which we will go into weak and broke.

  • Bolwerk

    Obama should have pushed for more debt. If he cared about his base, he would have pushed strongly for bailing out state and local pension plans at the beginning of his tenure. You know, since the Federal government literally can’t default on its debt unless it makes a political decision to not pay it. We don’t have that luxury.

    Republikan presidents never hesitate to push spending policies that benefit red states at New York’s expense.