Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Met the MTA’s Funding Ask — Why Wasn’t That Enough for Cuomo? (Capital)
  • Overwhelming Support From City Residents to Decriminalize Sidewalk Riding (WSJ)
  • NY Press Takes Closer Look at Vance’s Supposed Tougher Stance on Street Safety
  • NYC’s Ultimate Luxury: A Parking Spot Where You Never Have to Set Foot on the Sidewalk (DNA)
  • Mega-Tower Next to GCT Gets Garodnick’s OK After Promising More Transit Investment (Crain’s)
  • Donovan Wins S.I. Special Election (Capital); Richardson Wins Bklyn Assembly Seat (NYT)
  • Chinatown Checkpoint: Animal Looks at NYPD’s Closure of Park Row
  • Liberty Street Sidewalk Should Ease WTC Pedestrian Crush (Downtown Express)
  • Bronx Chronicle Reviews Community Workshop for a Safer Mosholu Parkway
  • Residents Concerned About Police Inaction on Downtown Hit-and-Run (Tribeca Trib)
  • No, the Feds Are Probably Not Going to Take Out Times Square Billboards (Post, Capital)

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  • Simon Phearson

    The story on the hit-and-run is galling. This is about the clearest example of driver-on-pedestrian violence that you could want. Was the driver in control of her vehicle? Yep! Did the driver clearly intend to drive on the sidewalk? Yep! Were there pedestrians on the sidewalk, behaving lawfully, who were injured by the driver’s reckless behavior? Yep!

    And yet the police are bending over backwards to protect the driver. They know what car it was, they know who owns it, but they claim they can’t even question her until they identify some jogger who may have seen the person driving this vehicle (like it’s likely to be anyone other than the owner) and see if the owner has filed a false report with their insurance company.

    And then this Iocco loser claims to “sympathize” with the community – by complaining about the school’s location! Gosh, if only all those people living in their communities would just move to another neighborhood, drivers could drive on sidewalks without endangering anyone! Do your job, for crying out loud!

  • BBnet3000

    To top it off, this is what a Downtown Manhattan newspaper calls a car driving on the sidewalk over pedestrians

    The accident prompted Spruce Street School Principal Nancy Harris to call a safety meeting

  • Jesse

    The location of the school bit was what really took it over the top for me. Why would you build a school where cars want to be? Don’t you understand the hierarchy?

    I hope Komanoff laid into him for that. Until they change their tune, you cannot show enough opprobrium for the NYPD. They are the absolute worst.

  • red_greenlight1

    Last weekend I was going for my run and I nearly got hit in the crosswalk by a turning livery cab. I mean it came with in inches of me. The worst part is that there was an NYPD cruiser directly behind the cab that did nothing at all.

    The NYPD couldn’t care less about traffic violince. I suspect at this point it’s part of their culture.

  • AnoNYC
  • D’BlahZero

    It really is infuriating. I really did (do?) want to give Capt. Iocco the benefit of the doubt. Please build the strongest case possible. Maybe this law enforcement professional knows more than me about how to be strategic in this case, etc… But the rhetorical blunder of blaming the the school for being there?!

    “Really, the logistics are very poor and dangerous.”

    No sh*t. QED. Perhaps an arrest and some enforcement could do something about that. Or we could just move the school, I guess.