Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Goes Deep on Port Authority Dysfunction, But Thinks PATH Subsidy Is a Problem
  • Holding Big Capital Projects Hostage Is One of the MTA’s Few Bargaining Chips (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • MTA Spending $84 Million for Additional Bklyn-Side Ramps at Verrazano Narrows (Bklyn Paper)
  • De Blasio Defends Arrests at Union Square Protests: “It’s Rush Hour” (Advance)
  • Driver Killed After Car Rear-Ended in Six-Vehicle East New York Pileup (News)
  • EWR PATH Extension and AirTrain Replacement Proceeding as Separate Projects (WNYC, Capital)
  • DOT to Install Up to 10 Split-Phase Signals in Hell’s Kitchen This Summer (Chelsea Now)
  • Curb Extension Proposed for Intersection of Myrtle Ave and Forest Ave (Times Newsweekly)
  • New Traffic Signal Installed at 51st Street and Skillman Ave in Woodside (TL)
  • Car2Go Expands Bklyn Service Area to Bushwick, Crown Heights, Southern Bklyn (Eagle)
  • Citi Bike Parent Company Is Building Its Own Bicycle, Offers Sneak Peek (@Motivate_Co)

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  • Bolwerk

    I don’t like how the Bloomberg article seems to idealize the PA’s early initiatives. It was seen as “progressive” at the time, but they were building for car culture before Moses was and we’re stuck with the results today. The PA has always encourages some divisiveness too: PATH logically would be a good agency to expand to residential neighborhoods in New Jersey, but it can’t be done if it (looks like it) doesn’t benefit New York.

    And the structures from that era tend to be butt-ugly examples of modernism. As if the architects hate cities, and want to make sure people want to leave them. The bus terminal wouldn’t be out of place in Kaliningrad.

  • Bolwerk

    Does de Blasio support the First Amendment only during off-peak hours? Or is he one of those “liberals” who goes so far as to think it applies in the non-peak direction?

  • qrt145

    The zeroth amendment trumps all the others: “Nothing shall infringe upon the right of motor vehicles to the streets, and the State shall take whatever measures are necessary to protect this right”.

  • Reader

    I think that amendment also has something to do with not wanting to piss off police unions. That’s more important than constitutional rights to free assembly.

  • Bolwerk

    ‘Scuse me. Don’t you mean thou shalt not infringe…? By order of the guy who wrote the constitution!

  • Joe R.

    Better wording for the zeroth amendment:

    Nothing shall not infringe upon the rights of motor vehicles to proceed at whatever speed they desire. This right shall preempt the rights and privileges of all other street users.

  • stairbob

    I’ve heard reports of police pushing people into the street and then arresting them for being in the street. If true, even more hypocritical.

  • ahwr

    de Blasio said, noting police cautioned the protesters to keep to sidewalks. “People have to respect that.”

    “They were free to protest on the sidewalk, and follow the law, and we
    would certainly let them express their rights,” said the supervisor, who
    spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to
    detail department policies.

    If you’re walking you’re not in a rush. It’s fine if you’re delayed by a protest. Free speech is fine on the sidewalk during rush hour.

  • Joe R.

    Yesterday was the end of the month. You know they have to make their (supposedly nonexistent) summons quotas.

  • Bolwerk

    I’d be rather shocked if that didn’t happen. They live in a consequence-free zone.

    I seem to recall they did that en masse a while ago on the Brooklyn Bridge. They kettled a crowd, and then arrested dozens of people who didn’t obey orders to leave – because they were kettled and weren’t being allowed to leave.