Ride With Clarence on the Tour de Staten Island

Close to 2,000 people turned out Sunday for Transportation Alternatives’ 2015 Tour de Staten Island. For the event’s fifth year, riders were treated to areas of the new Fresh Kills Park that aren’t yet open to the public. Other highlights included oceanside riding and views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, where the Harbor Ring Committee continues to advocate for bike and pedestrian access.

Naturally, Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson was there.

  • Ben_Kintisch

    It was a great ride. Beautiful sights, good vibe all around. Oh boy was it hilly!

  • A girl got hit by a hit and run driver during the event and is looking for witnesses

  • Boots

    Why do all of these people feel the need to wear helmets? When we can have group rides without fear–and without people being run over by motorists, according to Jass–that might be a sign that we’ve actually developed some sort of bike culture in this country. And no, helmets do not protect you from being hit by moving vehicles. Bicycle helmets are designed for up to 10-15MPH crashes against stationary objects–throw a car in the mix and it serves nearly no purpose.

  • qrt145

    I agree that it would be better if we could have a real bike culture and people didn’t feel the need for helmets.

    But if helmets can help “up to 10-15MPH crashes against stationary objects”, I think many crashes involving cars can still fall in that category. You might crash into a stationary object when you try to avoid a car. Or you might be hit by a moving car whose driver did see you and tried to stop, but couldn’t stop completely, and thus crashed at 10 mph. Or maybe a “left cross” in which you crash into a car, which is going relatively slow and in a path almost orthogonal to yours, which makes it an “almost stationary” object.

  • Knowing darned well that a helmet provides me limited protection from a vehicle collision doesn’t change my mind…I still won’t ride without one.

    All it takes to get a traumatic head injury is to fall off (or get knocked off) your bike without a helmet. A “bike culture” doesn’t protect your noggin from that.

  • Jeff

    Eh, I’ve been mentally conditioned to wear a helmet, so I wouldn’t really feel comfortable without one. Granted I once spent a week in the Netherlands and didn’t wear a helmet, but then again I was riding a big clunky Dutch-style bike on low-speed, crowded bike infrastructure with absolutely no hills.

    About a month ago I rented a car and had to go out to shift it around in someone’s driveway to allow another vehicle egress. I put my seatbelt on. Habits are hard to break.

  • com63

    My general rule
    Road bike = Helmet
    Upright bike (i.e. Dutch style or citibike) = No Helmet

    When you are riding 30-50 miles, you are much more likely to be on a road bike. The positioning of a person on a road bike means you are more likely to go over the handlebars in a fall or collision and land on your head than an upright bike. Also with typical speeds of 15-25mph on one of these longer rides, the consequences of a fall are much higher than riding an upright bike on flat ground at less than 15mph.


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