Today’s Headlines

  • Former Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll in, Joan McDonald Out at State DOT (TU, TWC, Post-Standard)
  • TLC Tests Cameras, Radars to Prevent Crashes on Six Taxis (Post)
  • MTA Action Heating Up in Albany, But de Blasio Focused on Federal Transpo Funds (AMNY)
  • MTA Inspector General Finds Cab Trips Fraudulently Paid for With Access-a-Ride Funds (Post)
  • A Look at the Design for a Permanent Putnam Triangle Plaza in Clinton Hill (DNA)
  • New Facebook Group, Blog Join Pols Fuming Over 7 Train Service (TL)
  • L Train Riders Prepare for Five Weekends of Shutdowns for Repairs (DNA, Bklyn Paper)
  • Tishman Buys Flatiron Parking Garage as Likely Development Site (TRD)
  • “Market Urbanist” Stephen Smith Moves From YIMBY Reporting to Real Estate Industry (Capital)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s the old story: let the city rot but find a way to shift the blame. Albany owes us money. Washington owes us money. In the latter case there is no chance of getting it, and if the amount of money increased we’d get back 80 cents on a dollar we were forced to put in.

    Remember Anthony Weiner? Congestion pricing is just a way for the federal government to avoid sending lots of money to New York; turn it down and the money would show up. So what happened? So why, from a public policy point of view, would this be repeated?

    1) People forget. So they get away with it.

    2) They read from the same “Politics at the Expense of Dummies” manual they all have.

  • joe shabadoo
  • BBnet3000

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the South Street 2-way bike path? It was never that great of a path to begin with but now it seems to have been semi-removed. The lines themselves have been scraped away on this block where a poor double-yellow was painted, and the plastic delineators have been removed from the whole thing, which is now being driven and parked in by cars full time. They are redoing the curb on the opposite side, so perhaps this is how we handle construction detours on well used bike paths?

    It’s not clear to anyone where cars or bikes are supposed to go. In this picture there’s either 2 cars on the wrong side of the center line or 1 car driving in the bike path. The drivers were all courteous but seemed just as confused as me.

    What a mess this whole southern portion of the potentially very important East River Esplanade is. You only need go another 2 blocks north to see the insanely narrow, rough and oft-flooded path shared by pedestrians and cyclists on what we can now conclude is a permanent basis.

  • Jimmy

    The TLC doesn’t need to test “artificial vision” cameras on the taxis. What they need to do is have simple recording devices with GPS tracking and monitoring — with consequences. Speeds 5 mph or more over the speed limit should be met with a warning to the driver, 3rd infraction = 2 week suspension, next 3 = 90 day suspension, next 3 = two-year barring from for-hire driving. And regular spot checking of dash camera recordings for aggressive behavior, rushing crosswalks, etc. Same sorts of penalties.

  • Maggie

    I’m probably one of quite a few BDB supporters who’s wincing at the tone as de Blasio rides the subway today. It’s not a one-day photo op, like taking your family to Radio City for the Rockettes Christmas show. This is how millions of people, residents and visitors, circulate through the city each and every day. Hope he can move beyond the “gee whiz, I’m on the subway!” tone.

  • Clarke

    Emailed Parks and was told it’s apparently a construction project to widen the sidewalks there (not sure if they mean to make the path flush with the sidewalk). It’s SUPER dangerous in the meantime, with NY Sightseeing buses, taxis, and trucks using it as a parking lane while drivers fresh off the FDR use it as a high speed passing lane. Plus, no signage, leaving cyclists headed in the contraflow direction extremely vulnerable.

    I suppose in the meantime they want bikes to detour through the esplanade, which will be growing increasingly congested as the weather improves.

  • Clarke

    Last year, the bollards were removed for about a month by NY Road Runners as part of the half marathon (which Parks told me was not communicated to them at all). They reached out and had them replaced. This area would seriously benefit from proper concrete barriers on this route, as even when the bollards are up the path frequently has UPS and other trucks parked in it.

  • BBnet3000

    He was a placard-class NYC “important person” who drove from Park Slope to the Municipal Building long before he was actually well-known or held city-wide office wasn’t he?

  • D’BlahZero

    “perhaps this is how we handle construction detours on well used bike paths?” Yup. That’s pretty much the standard ’round here.

  • BBnet3000

    This is even worse than the normal “take the lane” non-provision for cycling though, because this steers people cycling southbound into oncoming automobile traffic.

  • Maggie

    He was chauffeured 10 miles from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn, to work out at a Brooklyn gym and then do a subway photo-op. ??!?! De Blasio’s usually very good at messaging. It’s blowing my mind how tone-deaf this stunt was. Completely, totally out-of-touch with millions of New Yorkers. I hope he shells out $32 for the unlimited weekly Metrocard, uses subways, buses, Citibike, his two feet, and cabs or rental cars as needed to get around the city for a week – just as the majority of NYC residents do. Think back on his and Cuomo’s (non)response when a subcontractor nearly drilled into an occupied F train last fall. THEN weigh in on the city’s transportation needs.