Today’s Headlines

  • Bus Driver Strikes and Kills Man, 67, in Port Authority Bus Terminal Garage (NYT, Post, WCBS)
  • Arthur Sporn, 87, Dies of Injuries After Turning Driver Struck Him on UES in January (Gothamist)
  • State Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. Really Annoyed About Woodhaven Select Bus Service (Q Chron)
  • Jimmy Vacca Tells City & State Why He’s an Early, Enthusiastic Backer of Move NY
  • Amsterdam News: Cuomo More Concerned About Drivers and Airport Travelers Than Straphangers
  • Post Doubles Down on “Unruly Passengers” as Cause of Delays (1, 2); Gothamist Looks at the Numbers
  • Willets Point Autobody Shops Settle Lawsuit With City and Developer, Clearing Way for Mall (Crain’s)
  • Thruway Approves Additional $300,000 for Law Firm Fighting TZB Loan Lawsuit (Times Herald-Record)
  • AAA Continues Assault on Red Light Cams, This Time in Yonkers (WCBS)
  • DOT Replaces Missing Walk Signal on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope After Nearly Four Months (DNA)
  • MTA Makes Expanded Weeknight and Weekend Q103 Bus Service on Vernon Blvd Permanent (TL)

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  • Andres Dee

    Thanks for remembering Arthur Sporn and people like him. I’ve often heard anti-cyclists claim that the statistics understate the number of walkers that cyclists kill: That some people injured by cyclists die a few months later. These people seem to overlook that this happens, and likely more so, when motorists hit people who walk.

  • I get a real kick out of the AAA (Re:AAA Continues Assault On Red Light Cams) and their latest excuse for criticizing enforcement cameras.

    “Slamming” on brakes on a yellow light is dangerous driver behavior that has nothing to do with a red light camera. Yellow light in New York State means prepare to stop, not slam on brakes.

    This is a common excuse for knocking enforcement cameras. If drivers paid attention to their driving, obeyed speed limits and kept proper distance (one car length per 10 mph of speed) when driving (like anyone can see they rarely do) we could virtually eliminate the less dangerous rear end collisions.

    Let the cameras cut the more dangerous side impact collisions, as AAA admits they do, and let drivers do their part by slowing the hell down and paying attention, and above all stop “slamming” on the brakes just because there is a camera present and we’ll eliminate an awful lot of collisions, injuries, and deaths.

  • Bobberooni

    A few things strike me about the PABT incident.

    1. How did someone get hit? They go to great lengths (gates with locked glass boxes) to keep people off the busways. When it’s time to board your bus, it’s no more than one or two steps from the gate till you’re on the bus.

    2. Why did they have to shut down the ENTIRE TERMINAL?

    3. I’m surprised that so many people quoted in the article are unaware of alternative ways to get home. Express jitney buses run along NJ Route 4 from the GW Terminal, they are a reasonable alternative for anyone in Teaneck or Bergenfield — especially anyone with family at home to drive by and pick them up. NJ Transit also runs a few buses out of the GW Terminal. [When I lived in Teaneck, I categorically refused to take the evening PABT buses due to the long lines, I always used the GW Terminal instead.]

  • Reader

    People walking from one subway car to another, as Corey Johnson did, is not a source of subway delays. But, you know, the Post.

  • Eric McClure

    Addabbo, Jr.: “…as someone who sits almost daily on that roadway during those times….” LOL. Take the bus.

  • Komanoff

    Or, Addabbo, Jr.: “…as someone who, by driving almost daily, contributes to forcing others to sit almost daily on that roadway during those times….”

  • D’BlahZero

    Or another way to “fix” Mr. Addabbo, Jr.’s quote, “as someone who won’t ever change my driving habits, I willfully refuse to even attempt to understand how Select Bus Service works.” You’re not in traffic, sir, you are traffic.