Today’s Headlines

  • Mark-Viverito Interested In Toll Reform, Says State Must Find Transit Funding Fix (CapTon via Capital)
  • Working Families Party Backs Right of Way Law Exemption for Bus Drivers (DocCloud via News)
  • Assembly Budget Has More Funding for Bike/Ped and BRT, Including on S.I. North Shore (DNA)
  • Advance Backs North Shore BRT Over City, State Hesitancy to Fund Busway Project
  • CB 2 Committee Votes 12-1 for Construction of Putnam Plaza But Bklyn Paper Still Finds “Controversy”
  • Post Takes a Peek at Entrants in MTA’s App Contest
  • Jamaica Residents Want Faster Traffic, Less Traffic Calming on Narrow Two-Way Streets (NY1)
  • Gentile, Donovan Both Campaign on Promise for West Shore Light Rail Funding (Advance)
  • Queens Gazette Rejects Toll Reform Without Even Mentioning the Toll Swap or MTA Funding Woes
  • Mother of Student Killed When Car Crashed Into Queens Creek to Sue DOT (News)

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  • dporpentine

    And there goes my last bit of hope that the Working Families Party might be something worth supporting.

  • Andres Dee

    The SI Advance seems pretty parochial labeling the Second Avenue Subway as “redundant”.

    I’m wondering if transit-hostile Staten Island’s hidden motivation to support North Shore BRT is that if it succeeds it paves the way for converting the SIR into a busway, as well (which gets trains out of the borough and buses off Hylan).

  • J

    From the article:
    The WFP said drivers often have no choice but to drive buses through intersections teeming with pedestrians.

    “In effect, this criminalizes the everyday work of these drivers,” the group said. The amendment would not pertain to reckless drivers.

  • Larry Littlefield

    It’s the party of those working for and funded by the government, with taxes collected and less in services provided to less well off serfs. That’s who funds it. It was never anything else.

    Basically the game is run by the executive/financial class and the political union class. That’s who funds politics and produces propaganda. Which is all you get. Including the press release generated news.

    They’ll pander to the serfs in election years at the federal level, but at the state level they don’t even have to bother. Serfs don’t matter. Younger generations don’t matter.
    I guess you can hope to play one side off against the other, but it tends not to work that way. The successful careerists pander to both.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Change hostile Staten Island.

    For what they paid to rebuild the SIR you could have rebuilt it as a busway, built the North Shore busway, built a bunch of busways elsewhere, and had the equivalent of a borough-wide rapid transit system.

    With the disadvantage of not being able to have more capacity per operator than an articulated bus, which is probably all that SI needs anyway given its density.

  • dporpentine

    Where “reckless” is defined by a process that that’s beneath the level of scrutiny provided by a misdemeanor charge and presumably adjudicated by a body that has significant financial, political, and social reasons to consider anything less than a coke-fueled joyride not reckless.

  • Eric McClure

    Nothing says standing up for the working man like endorsing Cuomo and giving bus drivers a pass to run over the working man. Shameful garbage.

  • I literally cannot believe this argument, where else would this fly? The belief here, stated another way, is that, in the normal and entirely acceptable operation of the bus system we expect to kill dozens of innocent bystanders every year. Can you imagine the construction industry saying that. “No, we don’t have a need to put of barricades on the sidewalks, in the normal course of business we expect to crush several dozen pedestrians a year, but that’s just normal operations.”

  • Andres Dee

    “Real working men don’t travel on foot. They drive pickups. Losers walk. America, f— yeah!” (/sarc)

  • R

    Pete Donohue is on quite a crusade!