Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo, State Senate Want to Raid Funds From Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (Capital)
  • Senate, Assembly Budget Resolutions Include Funding to Keep VNB Toll Cut Alive (Advance)
  • U.S. DOT’s Rogoff: NY, NJ Need Funding and a Plan If They Want Cross-Hudson Tunnel (WSJ)
  • 112th Precinct Plans Double-Parking Crackdown Around Rego Park Mall (DNA)
  • Meanwhile: NYPD Intelligence Unit Takes Over Battery Pk City Curbsides, Crosswalks (D’Town Express)
  • In Flatiron Road Rage Incident, Cyclist Used U-Lock as Weapon (DNA, Gothamist)
  • Bayside Village BID to Study Parking Issues, Interested in Building New Garage (TL)
  • Astoria C-Town (and Its Parking Lot) Could Be Redeveloped as Apartments (Astoria Post)
  • Appeals Court Rules the Petrosino Square Bike-Share Station Can Stay (Walk In the Park)
  • Prospect Park West Bike Lane Lawsuit (Yes, It’s Still Alive) Marks Fourth Anniversary (Bklyn Spoke)

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  • Orcutt

    Wasn’t there a legitimate non-crank source for the Petrosino victory?

  • millerstephen

    The mainstream press just doesn’t seem to be interested in Citi Bike lawsuits anymore.

  • Clarke

    Love the BPC NYPD illegal parking story… their argument basically is “These people should be grateful to have more police here! If we weren’t here…well…9/11! So get used to the parking, even if your kid gets run over getting out of the school bus because we’ve blocked the crosswalk”

  • Eric McClure

    “The Citi-Bike docking station was installed in the middle of the night on April 27, 2013.” LOL.

  • In the alternate-universe version of this where the Citi Bike station was installed in the middle of the day, people would instead complain about how much it interrupted the crowds of New Yorkers peacefully enjoying the park.

    DOT’s sinister plan to avoid inconveniencing large numbers of people seems to have worked!

  • red_greenlight1

    Anyone else did the whole u-lock thing strange? Why is the NYPD so hell bent on finding this one cyclist? All the while ignoring many incidents of road rage against cyclists that often result in much more serious injuries or even deaths?

  • red_greenlight1

    I know! I couldn’t even make it halfway through the article! My god there were so many obvious typos.

  • c2check

    “Part of me says that this happens in every precinct in the city — and every firehouse in the city,” said CB1 chair.

    Indeed. We all see illegally parked NYPD cars all over the city. Just as one example, the PSA3 NYPD station in Bushwick has cars parked blocking the sidewalk for days on end (despite having a large parking lot behind the station—not to mention that they didn’t shovel their sidewalks all winter). The NYPD (and FDNY to some extent) should be showing us the Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect emblazoned on the sides of their (often illegally-parked) cars by not parking on sidewalks or in crosswalks, not double parking (*ahem* Ditmas Park FDNY station on Cortelyou Rd), not blocking bike lanes, etc. Plus, when the NYPD does it, others follow suit. You can practically tell where NYPD stations are from space (via google earth) if you look for where tons of cars are parked back-in on the sidewalk instead of being properly parallel parked.

    I understand the need for parking near the stations, but do it right. Taking some nearby public parking spots would be fine with me if it means enabling parking in an orderly and respectful fashion like everyone else is required to.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • IlIlIl

    Maybe the driver was a friend of the department.

  • qrt145

    In theory the NYPD could get the city to reserve enough legal parking spots for exclusive NYPD use. Why don’t they? My wild guess: maybe the bureaucracy and politics are too painful. Maybe the local free parking preservation bureau (sorry, I meant community board) doesn’t want to lose spots for themselves, and would rather have the NYPD park on the sidewalk, hydrants, crosswalks, bike lanes, etc., so the NYPD doesn’t even ask for the extra spots.

  • c2check

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem the NYPD is particularly open to interagency collaboration. (example: seeming failure to even attempt to work with the community to find a solution to the Prospect Park Parade Ground bike route issue.)
    Lack of collaboration in general seems to be a large impediment to actually improving things in the city.

  • Joe R.

    Because it’s a cyclist. The NYPD seems to have a pathological hatred of cyclists.

    My take on this — It’s highly likely the cyclist was just taking the lane as is his legal right and the driver tried to run him off road. That’s actually one reason I don’t take the lane unless I can keep pace with motor traffic. Granted, I’ll judgement until more facts come in but if what I said really happened, then the driver had it coming. If the driver’s story is true (doubtful but stranger things have happened) then the cyclist was wrong to escalate the situation. In either case, the NYPD are overreacting to this situation. I doubt if a motorist hit a cyclist, either with their car or with a U-lock, the police would be this gung ho looking for them.

  • Reader
  • Cold Shoaler

    Because hitting someone with a U-lock is rightly considered assault*, but wielding a two and a half ton Subaru, for instance, is just… well we all know how that goes.

    *unless it’s self defense, which given that we only have the driver’s account, is a possiblity.

  • red_greenlight1

    I doubt we will never know what really happened here.

  • Kevin Love

    Don’t we love NYPD bigotry!

  • Kevin Love

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem the NYPD is particularly open to obeying the law.

    There. Fixed it.

  • kevd

    I bet the cyclist was right to run.
    If a driver assaults you with a car, they are never charged.
    If you defend yourself with a U-Lock, you are.

    There is a chance this cyclist is a violent nut job. But, I’d bet he’s just a guy who knows how things are stacked against him. A driver’s word is never to be questioned. A cyclist’s is, presumably, a lie.