Today’s Headlines

  • Officer Who Killed Ryo Oyamada Says Cruiser Didn’t Have Emergency Lights Running (DNA)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Daniel Cabrera, 38, Crossing Street in Marble Hill (News, WCBS, WNBC)
  • Police Seek Driver Who Seriously Injured Pedestrian, 63, in Richmond Hill Hit-and-Run (WNBC, WPIX)
  • Bronx DA Retrieves Black Box Showing Killer Driver Reached 107 MPH Before Crash (News)
  • Citi Bike Workers Call for Higher Wages in First TWU Union Contract (News, Post, Capital, Gothamist)
  • MTA Board Members Spar Over Right of Way Law, de Blasio Stands Firm (News)
  • Bergen Beach Seniors Want Barnes Dance Restored to Coney Island Avenue (Bklyn Daily)
  • As Uber Grows, Taxi Trips Drop — And the MTA Is Missing Out on Revenue, Too (News 1, 2)
  • Is Your Subway More Crowded? You’re Not Alone (Post)
  • Ferries, Ferries Everywhere (Post, TL)
  • The Citi Bike App Is Much More Accurate Than It Used to Be (bikeshareNYC)
  • Crime May Be Down, But Bike Theft Persists in New York (News)

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  • Jonathan R

    “Crime May Be Down, But Bike Theft Persists…”

    Great to see Mike Rodriguez in the Daily News. I have been his customer since the late 20th century and have always been happy with his work.

  • dporpentine

    “NYC law criminalizing bus drivers draws MTA bigs’ ire”–actual headline, Daily News.

    Amazing to think that driving a bus can be casually equated with killing and seriously injuring pedestrians by violating their right of way. It’s beyond cynical.

  • Reader

    To Pete Donohue and the Daily News, getting arrested for killing someone is a far worse fate than getting killed.

  • dporpentine

    Because accountability for vehicular crimes is the one area where being “soft” on crime is the tough-minded thing to do.

  • Eric McClure

    So if Hernan Vega had been going 107 mph before he crashed into that cab, killing Pamela Pimentel, but hadn’t had BAC over 0.08, would he walk because of no “Rule of Two?”

    Maybe we need a new rule: the “Rule of 82 mph over the speed limit.”

  • Bolwerk

    I view bus drivers – any drivers, really – who kill how I view cops who kill people. Maybe the cop was in the right, maybe he wasn’t, but barring some enormity of evidentiary weight proving the action was clearly justified or the product of freak circumstances, it’s probably time to send them to another job.

    That said, bus drivers have lived in the consequence-free zone for decades now. Of course there is a backlash.

  • guest

    It’s because the criminals aren’t perceived as Other. When they look like you, not scary Blacks or Arabs, they must not really be criminals.

  • Joe R.

    Just to put this in perspective Vega was driving at only 19 mph less than the speed which is used to classify a train as “high-speed”. On a city street no less. I might not consider 107 mph dangerous on the NYS Thruway at 3 AM, but on a city street it’s way over the top.

    I’m surprised he didn’t request to remain in jail for his own protection. Hopefully now the victim’s family, or someone who sympathizes with them, will do the right thing and remove this POS from the planet for good. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the judge’s line of thought granting him bail.