Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Woman, 69, Crossing Bell Boulevard in Bayside (News, WPIX)
  • NYPD Officers Continue to Reverse Enforcement Slowdown; Moving Violations Bounce Back (NYT, Post)
  • After Years of Delay, DMV to Hold Safety Hearing for Truck Driver Who Killed Mathieu Lefevre (Post)
  • To Community Board’s Dismay, SPURA Developer Drops Parking From Transit-Rich Site (Lo-Down)
  • Uber Trips Don’t Include Taxi Surcharge That Helps Support Bus and Subway Service (News)
  • A Closer Look at DOT’s Proposal for Bike Lanes on Clove Road (Advance)
  • Errol Louis: Cuomo Should Use $5 Billion Windfall to Fund Long-Promised Infrastructure Bank (News)
  • Assembly Member Michael Miller Wants to Ban Overnight Parking for Cars Registered Out of State (Post)
  • Delayed Rollout of MetroCard Replacement Will Have Big Cost for MTA (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • NY Mag Looks at Car2Go in NYC, Finds It’s Not Clear If Service Creates Traffic or Reduces Congestion
  • Is Trottenberg’s “Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast” Mantra Just an Excuse? (Brooklyn Spoke)

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  • Jeff

    SPURA article: “(Parking) is not a luxury. It is a necessity.”


  • BBnet3000

    The Mantra is worse than an excuse, its an actual justification for not building cycling infrastructure. It certainly sounds like its based on the false idea that we need to wait until lots of people are cycling before building infrastructure to make cycling safe and comfortable.

    This is complete nonsense, as few people will cycle until it feels safe and comfortable. The “chicken and egg” meme is a pernicious myth.

    When we utterly fail to even hit HALF of De Blasio’s 6% cycling campaign proposal, it will be her excuse: “the culture wasn’t ready”.

  • Uber may have some flaws, and unequal taxation relative to yellow taxis may well be one of them. However, the pols’ focus on surge pricing is driving me mad. Surge pricing is uber’s raison detre. It is one of the very reasons people turn to uber. As a results of surge pricing, uber is always available. Yellow taxis are not.

    This weekend weather in NYC was quite nasty. And I was tempted to take an uber. But guess what, surge pricing was in effect, so I biked instead, despite the awful weather. If only yellow taxis could adopt surge pricing, we’d see so much less traffic and so many more people choose alternative modes when possible.

  • jt

    Banning on-street parking for out-of-towners is a bit much. There should be a way for force people to pay for it, at a price that stops people from storing their car on the street long-term, but allows someone bringing a car in for few days to do so without massive hassle.

  • JoshNY
  • AnoNYC

    I would much rather see the N extended East along Ditmars Blvd or the GCPW. This could also serve the surrounding community.

  • dporpentine

    But it’s not for actual out-of-towners. It’s for people who want to avoid paying NYC insurance rates.
    Actual out-towners can use garages or the City can come up with great (as in, wonderfully expensive) on-street metering options for multiple days.

  • Brad Aaron

    It only took two Post reporters to botch that story completely.

  • JoshNY

    I would too, but (if/when it’s eventually built) this would be a big improvement over what’s currently out there. As the saying goes, the perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the good.

  • dporpentine

    Just think of what would’ve happened with three!

  • ahwr

    Online permit system for out of state cars to park. Something you could get online, print the same day and leave on your dash. Have a barcode that traffic enforcement can scan, so you can tie a permit to an individual car/license plate. Could be something like ten free nights a year. Up to a hundred at a reasonable rate. Have the price escalate, so two hundred nights is much more than twice as expensive as one hundred.

  • D’BlahZero

    Re: Clove Rd. story in the Advance. I’m looking forward to riding in one of the “…two 5-inch bike lanes in each direction.”