Today’s Headlines

  • American Rail Infrastructure Is an Anachronism: Exhibit A (NYT)
  • Van Driver Kills Elderly Woman Crossing Elizabeth Street in the Crosswalk (DNA, Gothamist, Post)
  • Reckless Hit-and-Run SUV Driver Strikes Elderly Woman and Young Boy at Bus Stop (Post)
  • NYPD Captain and Lieutenant Arrested for Drunk Driving on Same Day (Post)
  • How NYC Transports Its Trash (NYT)
  • Let’s Not Respond to Terror Rumors By Burning More Gas (WSJCapital)
  • Today Andrew Cuomo Rides the Subway Just for Show, But It Wasn’t Always Like That (Capital)
  • Queens CB 2 Votes for Woodside and Sunnyside Slow Zones After Some Silly Gripes (QChron)
  • City Probably Won’t Renew Sunset Park Ferry Service in October (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Diane Savino + Jeff Klein = A Match Made in F—ing Heaven (Gothamist)

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  • SUV blows red light,hits elderly woman and child on sidewalk, Diane Savino yells “Find a f**king road and stay in it” at driver @DianeSavino

  • Adrian

    I’m not condoning what he did because I personally think it was reckless, but witnesses say that Jason Marshall had a green light (and thus Jill Tarlov didn’t), so the Post makes it front page news, does five hysterical follow up features focusing on reckless bikers and the cost of his bike and making sure the guy is thoroughly demonized.

    Witnesses say this van driver was turning with a green light, and yet the post makes absolutely no mention of the fact that this means the victim had the right of way, instead blaming an umbrella for the pedestrian not seeing the van fail to yield to her. And they also stress that it was the van that hit the lady, not the van driver (can you imagine them running a headling of “bicycle kills Jill Tarlov”?), and the NYPD fail to release any details about the van driver…

  • sbauman

    It was illegal for the truck to turn onto Elizabeth St unless it was making a pickup or delivery on Elizabeth between Kenmare and Prince Streets. Trucks are restricted to specific streets. Elizabeth St is not a truck route. The only reason for a truck not to be on a truck route in NYC is to make a local delivery or pickup. The most direct route from a designated to the pickup/delivery location must be used.

  • New Yorker

    Welcome to NYC, where murder is legal when the weapon is a motor vehicle.

  • Andy Trafford

    Where’s Peyser when we need her?

    “They’re motorized murderers. Slayers in steel boxes.

    The terrorist drivers must be stopped.”

  • stairbob

    What is a “party rental van”? (As per DNA Info story.)

  • Maggie

    Yup – Assassins in Steel. Was this woman’s death finally the last straw?

    I really don’t get how some columnists and politicians are so out-to-lunch on ignoring traffic violence and death. I totally don’t get it. I am hoping against hope that this slain grandmother (maybe? that’s a guess) will receive as much press coverage and concern as a dead groundhog did yesterday.

  • bicyclebelle

    Yesterday evening the police were ticketing cyclists on Kenmare and Elizabeth for going through the red (after stopping and proceeding when the intersection was clear of both pedestrians and vehicles, at least in my case). The cop who stopped me said it was because someone was killed their earlier in the day. He did not say it was a pedestrian with the right of way killed by a driver.

    This was the same police response when Dashane Santana was killed by a driver a few blocks away on Delancey. For several weeks they ticketed cyclists for jumping the lights to get ahead of traffic on Delancey.

    driver kills pedestrian = ticket cyclists.

  • bicyclebelle

    ^”there” earlier in the day.


  • Joe R.

    The NYPD is all about revenue and ticket quotas, not safety. That’s why there’s always this irrational response of ticket blitzes every time something happens. Cyclists just happen to make easy cannon fodder, so they get the brunt of the ticketing.

    The only real solution is legislative. Change the law so cyclists can pass red lights at empty intersections. Also install cameras at intersections to prevent police abuse (i.e. ticketing a cyclist who passed a red when nothing was crossing but saying in court there was cross traffic) once such a law goes into effect.

  • New Yorker

    No, this death was not the last straw. The tabloid columnists will continue to ignore the issue, the cops will continue to exonerate the killer-drivers, and another “accident” just like this will happen tomorrow.

  • ohnonononono

    Wait up you don’t rent a van whenever you have a party?! Weirdo.

  • Alan

    A van used to haul chairs & tents & stuff for party rentals.

  • Maggie

    I know what you mean, and I don’t disagree. I choked on the “THIS death is the last straw” line that opened a NYC-must-get-serious-and-rip-out-the-bike lanes screed this week.

  • Alex

    But if the NYPD is about ticket quotas and easy ticket revenue, why don’t they nail more cars in bike lanes? Talk about easy picking. Also, failure to yield to pedestrians. Also easy. I honestly think it’s much more sinister than just meeting quotas. It’s actually malicious.

  • Bolwerk

    Well, it’s not just tickets and revenue, it’s also ideology. But, beyond that, they must also realize that picking on drivers too much will attract scorn.

    They, and the press, infantilize cyclists. Middle class adults drive. De Blasio and the City Council will never say no to the police if they pick on cyclists, but pick on the “middle class” and hell is raised. It’s one of the few things the NYPD will get spanked over, and they must know this.

  • Bolwerk

    Mmm. Think this is helping them though? At this point, it looks like a literal mental disorder (histrionic?), so just opportunistic propaganda.

    I know that can be damaging, but IMHO it’s also a sign of the weakness of bike lane opponents.

  • Joe R.

    Not only that but there’s a chance a cop can get capped by an angry driver they pull over with little chance to defend themselves, or even see the weapon before it fires. Not as much chance of that stopping a cyclist, given that the cyclist would most likely be shot dead if they even appeared to be going for a weapon.

  • watch the vid
  • Alex

    They don’t hold back at all when it comes to ASP and meter tickets. I agree about ideology. Cops are largely suburban, car-dependent, and blue collar. To them, cyclists are either poor delivery guys or rich yuppies. Either way, they’re happy to nail them, regardless of whether or not it’s a helpful tactic.

  • Bolwerk

    Well, I never said they don’t do anything, but they seem to have really stark lines they won’t cross.

    It’s moving violations they seem to not care about (unless alcohol is involved). People who aren’t moving are, well, pretty obviously in the way of the people who are. :-

  • Bolwerk

    Of course, cyclists are probably more mature adults than people who like to play with big vehicles and guns!

    Their heuristic is backwards.

  • Ian Turner

    Was a van, not a truck.

  • sbauman

    The definition for “trucks” for truck routes is based on size and weight. I have not seen any pictures of the party van. I’m assuming that it’s to carry party materials like tables, chairs, tents, etc. That would indicate a vehicle that would be classified as a truck according to NYC Traffic Rules.