New DOT Billboards Tell Drivers: “Your Choices Matter”

It doesn't get more direct than that. Image: DOT
The large billboards are at nine locations across the city. Image: DOT

Late last year, DOT launched an education campaign to combat reckless driving. One of the most visible parts of the campaign so far has been ads on bus shelters featuring the families of traffic violence victims. Now, modified versions of those ads are appearing on large billboards across the city, with a clear message telling drivers that reckless driving kills.

The ads feature David Shephard, whose fiancée Sonya Powell was killed in a Baychester Avenue crosswalk in 2009 by a speeding driver, and Audrey Anderson, whose son Andre, 14, was killed in 2005 while riding his bike on Shore Front Parkway in the Rockaways.

According to a landmark pedestrian safety study by DOT in 2010, driver actions are the main cause in 78.5 percent of serious pedestrian crashes. Unlike some other DOT safety campaigns, this one does not venture into victim-blaming territory.

DOT says the billboards will appear at nine locations across the city. The campaign also includes messages using radio, online video, in-cinema previews and TaxiTV.

The large billboards are at nine locations across the city. Image: DOT
Image: DOT
  • WalkingNPR

    A step in the right direction. I actually like that these are not “Speeding killed my son” what have you, and instead emphasize that it was not some abstract act but a human driver and the active choices he/she made. I hope they’ll be able to expand this even further.

  • J

    This is hands down, the best DOT ad campaign I’ve seen. The ones under JSK often scolded victims for not watching out and instilled fear in people on bike and on foot, while generally ignoring the bull in the china shop, so to speak. This one, however, puts the focus exactly where it needs to be: at the people piloting 4,000 lb hunks of metal at 30+ mph right next to unprotected human beings.

  • thomas

    I love the add. “A drivers choice”. The vehicle is a natural killer when it hits a pedestrian or vehicle! We ALL need to protect ourselves. When people drive irresponsible they cause collisions and take lives. I don’t want those drivers to do time, I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK!!! Please sign and share my petition to stop all collisions.

  • lop

    I’d like to see something featuring the drivers so people see that ‘Your choices matter’ is targeted at them, not the reckless _____ group.

  • Jesse

    I like this a lot. It’s open-ended enough that driving itself could be the bad choice they’re cautioning against.

  • Keegan Stephan

    Spotted one on the West Side Highway today. Great placement for a billboard that focuses on driver responsibility – really only viewable by drivers, and lots of em.

  • Jeff

    Won’t this hurt their feelings?

  • millerstephen

    There is another one facing the BQE near the Manhattan Bridge. Similarly placed to target the maximum number of drivers.

  • A. Scott Falk

    There is one of these billboards on the building I live in, facing the cars exiting the Queensboro Bridge at Second Avenue. This billboard usually features movie ads. I’m thrilled to see this so close to home.

  • StepUpAndSaySomething

    Hopefully. Maybe they’ll go crying all the way to New Jersey, or better yet Pennsylvania.


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