Unlicensed Driver Faces Wrist Slap After Killing Queens Cyclist William Faison

Tiffany Delcia Moore struck and killed William Faison at 228th Street and 120th Avenue in Cambria Heights last Friday. She was charged for driving without a license. Image: Google Maps
Tiffany Delcia Moore struck and killed William Faison at 228th Street and 120th Avenue in Cambria Heights last Friday. She was charged with driving without a license. Image: Google Maps

A motorist who was reportedly driving with a suspended license will likely get off with a slap on the wrist after she killed a cyclist in Queens last week.

Reports say William Faison, 53, was riding south on 228th Street in Cambria Heights at around 8:50 a.m. Friday when 26-year-old Tiffany Delcia Moore hit him with a Kia sedan as she drove west on 120th Avenue.

From the Post:

Craig Henley, a relative of Faison, ran to the scene.

“He tried to open his eyes to see me,” he said. “His mouth wasn’t moving. Then he started moving his mouth, like he was trying to breathe.”

Medics took Faison to Jamaica Hospital, but he couldn’t be saved. His brother Marcus went there to see his body and kissed his forehead, relatives said.

“He was a very good son. He took care of me,” Faison’s mother told the Post. “I don’t know how to feel. He was a loving son.”

The Post reported that Moore “collapsed in horror” after the crash, and “was not believed to have been speeding or on the phone.” She was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation.

“He would still be alive if she was not driving,” said Henley. “You do not drive on a suspended license.”

Aggravated unlicensed operation is a misdemeanor that stipulates that Moore drove without a license when she knew or should have known she didn’t have one. Third degree aggravated unlicensed operation is the default charge against unlicensed drivers who kill cyclists and pedestrians in NYC, and it’s the same charge police and prosecutors apply when an unlicensed driver turns without signaling. It carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Unlicensed drivers kill people on a regular basis in NYC, and have taken the lives of at least 12 pedestrians and cyclists since January 2013, according to crash data compiled by Streetsblog.

This fatal crash occurred in the 105th Precinct. To voice your concerns about neighborhood traffic safety directly to Deputy Inspector Michael Coyle, the commanding officer, go to the next precinct community council meeting. The 105th Precinct council meetings happen at 8 p.m. on the last Wednesday of the month at 92-08 222 Street in Queens Village. Call 718-776-9176 for information.

The City Council district where William Faison was killed is represented by I. Daneek Miller. To encourage Miller to take action to improve street safety in his district and citywide, contact him at 718-776-3700, District27@council.nyc.gov or @IDaneekMiller.

  • BB

    why not apply the two rule.
    Not licensed to speed … anything over 0
    Not yielding to a cyclist.

  • Emmily_Litella

    Driving without a license in an area served by mass transit, car service and bikes already indicates a rather sassy attitude by the driver. A motor scooter became an option for a cousin of mine, after her parents could no longer afford to keep replacing cars she destroyed. However, in this tragic case we see a two-way stop, with no stop facing the motorist. A black box on-board the vehicle would have helped determine if speed or erratic behavior were factors. Lets hope some sort of evidence can shed more light.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Yeah seriously! Rule of two! Operating a motor vehicle without a license and failure to yield to a bicyclist.

    Again, replace “car” with “gun” and we would be talking homicide charges!

  • Paul

    People who ride bikes aren’t important? Are people who drive cars (and display wealth/boost the economy through their purchasing decisions, supposedly) more important than cyclists? Just asking….

  • Danny Wade

    Still, she wasn’t trying to kill somebody, and she probably needed to drive to get to work. I’m sure she feels terrible and will be haunted by this every day for the rest of her life. Give her a break. We all screw up.

  • Rod

    Not too many of us kill an unprotected cyclist. Would you say the same if the dead person was a member of your family?

  • Danny Wade

    I got tired of always arguing for the same side. There’s no give and take in that kind of discussion.

    I’m going to call it an exercise, rather than trolling, because that would make me a jerk.

  • LimestoneKid

    Meanwhile on the UWS cops are going to crackdown on cyclists.

  • Eric7365

    Driving without a license should be a felony. And killing someone while driving should be felony murder.

  • Eric7365

    ” I’m sure she feels terrible and will be haunted by this every day for the rest of her life.”

    Not as much as the victim’s family.

    “Give her a break. We all screw up.”

    When you and I screw up, nobody dies.

  • Reader

    Criminally negligent homicide then? If you didn’t mean to kill someone but you left your gun on a table and it goes off, killing someone, you’d go to jail.

  • I agree that there should be serious consequences, but I don’t agree with substituting words. Guns are tools meant to kill, cars are not although they can like many objects be used as a deadly weapon (but then one would have to prove the person’s intent). I get your analogy to emphasize that there should be ramifications, but really it’s like saying if we substituted an orange for an apple we can come to this conclusion. I think, and I’m guessing, that this is criminally negligent homicide but I’m no lawyer or should I say prosecutor who should be looking into this and other similar cases. Aren’t DA’s elected?

  • Jennifer Putnam

    Why was her license suspended in the first place? The laws have to change around killing someone who is vulnerable on our roadways, throughout the USA. My son was killed, by a hit-run driver in California May 4,2012 Joshua Raine Laven, no one has taken responsible for his death, yet. The word Intent needs more teeth.

  • Roger87

    Why doesn’t the city impound the vehicles of drivers whose licenses are suspended? Law enforcement doesn’t think twice about booting, towing or impounding cars for illegal parking or unpaid tickets, so why not here?

  • qrt145

    Owning something and being licensed to use it are two different things. Maybe we make an exception for things like firearms (I’m not sure), but for cars, can’t a rich person for example own a car that’s always driven by a chauffeur?

  • Roger87

    Not sure about firearms, but with housing, building departments will refuse to let an owner occupy a new house that hasn’t been inspected and approved. Also, health departments will shut down an owner’s business temporarily for certain reasons, which often involves chaining the doors shut. There are numerous examples of authorities intervening to revoke not only a license or certificate to use, but actual physical use/occupancy of, of the thing that is owned. The rationale would be much stronger in the case of cars, since it’s much more difficult to monitor compliance.

  • Joe R.

    You don’t need to go that far. Just have a law on the books which requires the city to confiscate (and auction off) any vehicle which is being driven by an unlicensed driver. That would keep people from loaning their cars out to others unless they were sure the person had a valid driver’s license. If a person has their license suspended, they can keep their car, but they can’t drive it until they get their license back without taking a risk of losing it.

  • StepUpAndSaySomething

    The NYPD is limp on enforcing serious traffic laws. If that’s the best they can do to a killer driver, they should be replaced.

  • Bill Ries-Knight

    +jennifer Putnam, he is not forgotten.

    We encountered The Bike on Friday. It had to be passed forward, so I did.



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