Today’s Headlines

  • Where NYC and Sweden Differ on Vision Zero: How Much Can Road Design Solve? (NYT)
  • 78th Precinct Tells Officers to Stop Using Sidewalk as Personal Parking Lot (News)
  • Oddo’s Transportation Task Force Is Really Focused on Potholes and Repaving (Advance)
  • MTA to Offer Free Transfer Between G and JMZ Trains During Greenpoint Tube Closure (News)
  • Bill in Albany Would Add Automated Enforcement Against Drivers Who Pass School Buses (TU)
  • Hoylman Bill Would Upgrade Hit-and-Run Charges for Cyclists to Be Same As for Drivers (Villager)
  • More Coverage of Safety Fixes at 96th and Broadway (News, WCBS, DNA, NY1, Gothamist)
  • Ferry Launches Between West 44th and WFC, Seeks Real Estate Sponsor (Post via 2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Obama Visits Tappan Zee Bridge Today to Push Congress for Transportation Funding (WCBS)
  • Doctoroff Revives Olympics Push; Cuomo Reportedly Interested As Meetings Begin With de Blasio (FT)
  • Alec Baldwin Reminds the Post How Much It Wants to See NYPD Focus Resources on Ticketing Cyclists

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  • Pursuant

    If cyclists are to be treated like motorists shouldn’t we make sure no charges are ever pressed in an accident? Seems unfair.

  • Reader

    “We hold no brief for Alec Baldwin.”

    This is perhaps the biggest lie ever printed in the history of the New York Post.

  • Kevin Love

    Really? There is lots and lots of competition for the title of “biggest lie ever printed in the history of the New York Post.”

  • Tyler

    The 78th Precinct is slowly chipping away at the deeply entrenched “The law doesn’t apply to me” corruption within the NYPD…. hopefully it keeps moving in the right direction.

  • I want to cycle more

    Cycling in NYC has plateau’d for the non-vehicular cyclist, so I’m somewhat sympathetic to Baldwin.

    Came into Grand Central at 6:40pm expecting a plethora of Citibikes to greet me, and ready to do my part rebalancing a bike to the Village in rush hour. Instead, I’m greeted with two people cued up in front of an empty dock for a bike to arrive. So I run down to the subway and catch an express to Union Square, where there are plenty of Citibikes.

    But the village is really confusing to cycle with inconvenient bike lanes. Hopped on a Citibike near Union Square yesterday to take the 3 minute ride down to Bway & Waverly. Broadway is scary-filled with speeding cars and trucks, so I hop off and walk the bike to 13th Street to go crosstown. But 13th is backed up with double-stacked trucks so I can’t get through without waiting a few light cycles to get to 5th Ave. Then I ponder a reversal to reach the 2nd Ave protected lane, but that will also take longer. So I just dock the Citibike and walk it.

    It seems that cycling is not all that convenient.

  • Joe R.

    I would be OK with the change in law for hit-and-run cyclists if we apply the same penalties to pedestrians who dart in front of a bike and cause the cyclist to be seriously injured. Any street user, regardless of mode, who injures or kills someone else through negligence, recklessness, or incompetence should face severe penalties.

    That said, if we truly want to treat cyclists like we treat motorists then they should never face charges in an “accident”. They should just be able to mumble some half-hearted excuse like “I lost control”.

  • Aunt Bike

    I count seven Citibike docks within a three block walk of Grand Central.

    Of course, bicycling and Citybiking aren’t for everyone. For me and what looks like a good many other cyclists, it works out pretty good.

  • Aunt Bike

    And if cyclists are to be treated like motorists, shouldn’t we make sure they only get a failure to yield ticket when they kill someone in a crosswalk?

  • HamTech87

    The New York Times editor-in-chief finally gets behind safer streets, and then she gets fired. Coincidence?