DOT: Improvements to Broadway at Dyckman Street Coming in May

Left turn bans and added pedestrian space proposed for Broadway, Dyckman Street and Riverside Drive. Image: DOT. Click to enlarge

DOT should begin work next month on long-awaited improvements to a dangerous Broadway intersection in Inwood.

Pedestrians are forced to negotiate long crossings while watching for drivers coming from different directions simultaneously where Broadway meets Dyckman/200th Street and Riverside Drive. There were 128 crashes there from 2010 to 2012, resulting in injuries to three cyclists, five pedestrians, and 10 vehicle occupants, according to DOT. 

Last fall Community Board 12 endorsed a DOT proposal to implement turn bans, signalization tweaks, new signage, and enhancements to pedestrian space, which will shorten crossing distances and eliminate some conflicts between pedestrians and turning drivers.

Work was supposed to begin in March, but with no changes evident earlier this month, Streetsblog reached out to DOT and CB 12. The community board was unaware that the project was delayed. “We’re looking to implement this project in May,” a DOT spokesperson said.

This summer Fort George Hill will be the site of Upper Manhattan’s first protected bike lane, pending a thumbs-up from CB 12. The protected lane would be one of a number of bike improvements planned for Washington Heights and Inwood.

Image: Google Maps
Current conditions. Image: Google Maps
  • BornAgainBicyclist

    The thumbs up from CB12 for the Ft. George and related improvements happened at last night’s meeting.

    Can’t wait for the Dyckman changes but have my doubts about how successful the left turn bans will be without enforcement.

  • What does the green around the RING garden triangle mean? I hope it means that DOT is giving us our Riverside sidewalk back. In the 1990s they narrowed the sidewalk something awful to make room for a row of parking meters and cars on Riverside. In winter with snow, you can hardly navigate it at all. Forces people to walk in the tree pits on our plants. If you click on the link below the photo above, then drag left to right to see the Triangle, you’ll see what I mean.

    And Fort George Hill being the first protected bike lane? That’s street is so wide and nobody bikes it because it’s straight up. A couple of us brought the idea of a protected bike lane on 4 blocks on central Dyckman St to CB12 in Feb. 2008; then later supported by Inwood Livable Streets. This is what we need to protect those wanting to do the full circuit of Manhattan from the top of the east and west greenways. But noooooo… This idea is ignored, I guess because DOT didn’t think of it.

  • BornAgainBicyclist

    At the last meeting of the CB12 traffic and transportation committee meeting members of Bike Upper Manhattan asked the DOT when the DOT would look at the proposal for a protected lane or cycletrack on Dyckman to connect the eastside and westside greenways. DOT said they will make a specific proposal in the fall about a Dyckman cycletrack.

  • Glad of that. I get tired of going to CB12. Last time I went, the chair of the Licensing committee said to 4 of us, you’re not a crowd. Come back when you’re a crowd. And I see that the green triangle is not RING, but the little one dividing Riverside from the subway area adjacent to Ft. Tryon park.

  • JamesR

    Not a moment too soon for this deathtrap of an intersection. It’ll only be truly effective with a chance in the road culture among motorists in this area. i.e., the rampant double parking, the packs of motorcyclists doing wheelies in the road, the speeding, lane weaving, etc.


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