NYPD Tickets for Failure to Yield Up 108 Percent Compared to 2013

For the second month in a row, NYPD issued more summonses for failure to yield to pedestrians than officers wrote a year ago.

Photo: zamboni-man/Flickr

In February, 2,818 failure to yield citations were issued citywide, compared to 1,107 in February 2013. That’s a 154 percent increase.

Failure to yield summonses jumped 60 percent in January compared to January 2013. Overall, this year’s total is up by 108 percent over the same time frame last year.

The percent changes look so large in part because the baseline was small. The 4,811 failure to yield summonses issued through February still amount to a small fraction of total moving violations — which are down 4 percent from last year.

Tickets for red-light running and speeding increased as well, though as we reported last month it’s impossible to know if the uptick in speeding enforcement occurred on neighborhood streets or on highways, where most tickets are usually issued.

That said, in the two months after Mayor de Blasio announced his Vision Zero initiative, there’s no doubt that NYPD has stepped up enforcement of dangerous driving behaviors. We’ll keep eyeing the data to see if this trend continues.

  • Ian Turner

    If you assume that NYPD is redirecting efforts from “easy” violations to “important” violations, and not adding extra effort, then you would expect the total number of tickets to decline.

  • Andres Dee

    As regular readers know, the most prevalent place for a person on foot to be hit in NYC, is in the crosswalk, with the light. Lots of those have to be cars turning aggressively. Activists and cities need to find a way to explain succinctly, in words and pictures, that the person in the crosswalk has the ROW over the motorist. Drivers who fail to yield should be ticketed often enough that drivers become conscious that they will be ticketed for bullying people on foot. Next, we need to press for ticketing of motorists who honk at the drivers ahead of them who do yield and don’t blast through the intersection as fast as their sense of entitlement dictates.

  • Daniel

    I’ve noticed changes in the 71st precinct. Parking in crosswalks and bicycle lanes is much less of a problem than it was in December when I had to take a stroller into the middle of a busy street more than once. There is still a huge problem with failure to yield and speeding but I’m hopeful.

  • com63

    Completely agree, the other thing about failure to yield is that it is something that regular cops can enforce without a whole lot of specialized training. With the way that many New York streets and intersections are set up, drivers will force their way through a crowded crosswalk only to have to stop at a red light 100ft later. The police should just find random crowded crosswalks and wait near the next intersection. When a turning car fails to yield, they flag down the driver as they come to the next light and give them a ticket. No radar guns, flashing lights, sirens or chases needed. You could do this at almost any intersection in Manhattan, especially on two way streets that allow left turns onto avenues (e.g. 14th st, 23rd st, 34th st. you get the idea. This works well for places where turns are banned as well.

    A few weeks ago I saw a cop giving warnings to drivers who were making illegal turns from 14th st onto Park Avenue and he was using this exact method and easily getting drivers to stop. One regular officer was having no problems stopping cars this way.

  • guest

    Next up: stop blocking the box!


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