Eyes on the Street: 78th Precinct Clears the Bergen Street Bike Lane

Photos: N. Wayne Bailey
Photos: N. Wayne Bailey

The story of the Bergen Street bike lane, and the 78th precinct, keeps getting better.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Reader N. Wayne Bailey sent in these photos of NYPD officers — including CO Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri — shoveling the Bergen Street lane, which for over a year now has been protected by barriers put in place by the precinct.

Good stuff.

  • Clarke

    Good stuff…but where the hell is the DOS or DOT?

  • Joe R.

    I’m both thrilled and saddened by this-thrilled because this is a wonderful thing these officers are doing making things safer for cyclists, and saddened given the low temperatures these poor guys had while they were shoveling. Where were the plows?

    Anyway, my hat is off to them! They saw a problem, and took it upon themselves to fix it as rapidly as possible. Good work, guys! I wish I was there to buy you some coffee.

  • krstrois

    Thank you!!

  • carma

    awesome. i wish they could have cleared 8th ave in midtown. riding was just slow and miserable today with snow, slush. although it still beat driving moving at < 2 mph

  • Ian Dutton

    Absolutely wonderful, the steps these guys have taken to help us get around safely. If the whole of the NYPD had this attitude I have no doubt that we’d be a step closer to the Vision Zero goal. I got home from Honolulu today and wondered who had cleared the lane and wondered if it was the 78th – here’s the confirmation!

    I’ve recently been pushing some buttons – once again – to see how feasible it would be to get DOT to install permanent delineators, as we’ve asked in the past. The question has always been about sanitation and snow clearing. This is golden!

  • Hilda

    Big props to the 78th. These guys are working not only to improve communication, but actually physically working to make improvements. The next Community council meeting is next Tuesday Jan. 28th, and having a bunch of livable streets advocates coming and giving them thanks could keep ‘more paths clear’.

  • red_greenlight1

    You mean the section of the Bergen bike lane that still exists. Way to go 78th! All they have to do now is start enfrcing the traffic laws and they’ll win the “Best Precinct ever!” award.

  • Frank Dell

    seeing this gives me hope…

  • This makes me want to cry.

  • KimoG
  • Nathan Rosenquist

    Now this is some honest-to-goodness Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect. Way to be, 78th. Thank you!!

  • Cold Shoaler

    This year? Not so much.


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