Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD “Pedestrian Education” Technique: Beating an Old Man Bloody for Jaywalking (PostNews)
  • 24th Precinct Ticketing Pedestrians at 96th and Broadway After Fatalities (WNBC)
  • Samantha Lee, 26, Killed by Two Drivers While Crossing West 96th Street (Post, NY1)
  • Pedro Santiago, 45, Killed While Riding Bike on 125th Street; No Charges (News, Post)
  • Driver Making Illegal Turn Kills Angela Hurtado, 69, in Maspeth; Arrested for Unlicensed Driving (TL, Post)
  • Unidentified Man Killed by Driver Walking Near Union Turnpike; No Charges (News, Post)
  • Woman Crossing Second Avenue at 68th Street Loses Leg to Driver Turning Cement Mixer (DNA)
  • De Blasio’s Vision Zero Task Force Met for First Time on Friday; DOT Working on 96th Street Plan (NYT)
  • Gelinas: Will de Blasio “Put Safety Over Being Liked?” (Post)
  • If de Blasio Is Going to Tackle City’s Widest, Most Dangerous Streets, It Will Take Courage (Cap’n Transit)
  • Invisible Visible Man Sends Letter to Bratton Asking Him to Back Up Stat Blaming Peds for Most Crashes
  • Off-Duty NYPD Officer Faces Drunk Driving Charges After Rear-Ending Street Sweeper on SI (Advance)
  • Shed a Tear for The Plaza: City Refuses to Negotiate With Luxe Hotel’s Anti-Citi Bike Lawyer (Post)

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  • Daniel S Dunnam

    I was pulled over by a cop on a scooter for supposedly running a red-light on Kent Ave. The cop was courteous and was only giving me a warning, but he said something about this being “the new normal” and that next time it’d be a ticket “as that was the word from on high” “with the new administration really wanting to crack down”. I said I thought Vision Zero was supposed to be about stopping all the speeding cars and trying to stop kids and old people from constantly being killed by turning trucks. He was like “oh that’s a whole other thing.” So who knows what that means. Maybe he was full of crap? Maybe there’s a part of Vision Zero we aren’t hearing about where the NYPD is going to ticket cyclists and pedestrians at whole new levels to “educate” them? Time will tell.

  • Jon

    Ticketing jaywalkers? Bloodying and arresting an old man for walking mid-block? Is this the deBlasio era or the Giuliani era? I guess that’s what you get for hiring one of Giuliani’s police commissioners…

  • mike

    Of course. What did you people think was going to happen. You wanted vission zero. You got it. Speeders will also get it. But pedestrians and bikes are so much easier

  • Bridge Boondoggle

    What was up with that Tappan Zee Bridge puff piece in the NY Times today? No discussion of how the bridge is going to be paid for? Or questions as to why the widest bridge in the world needs to be built to connect Rockland to Westchester? And where do all those cars go after crossing the bridge in Westchester? And is it so beautiful?

    Berger is far better than this. Maybe he is trying to get an interview or job with the governor? A real embarrassment for the Times.

  • Bolwerk

    Actually, a fairly safe bet is speeders won’t get it. To the the militarized pig mind, drivers are “us.” Pedestrians are “them.” Even during the 20 years of broken windows (Vision Zero Consequences, for law enforcement) police brutality, drivers mainly only needed to worry about consequences when the police suspected alcohol use.

    All that impotent cop rage isn’t going away overnight either. Even assuming de Blasio leans on Bratton to cull the oinkers who behave this way.

  • Bolwerk

    There is no question about how it will be paid for. The bridge can’t finance itself. Whatever is not paid for with a federal grant will be borrowed. The state won’t have much trouble doing that (unfortunately, in this case).

    Hell, if they’d run the commuter rail over the bridge like was originally planned, maybe this could be justified on economic development grounds (though it’s still way overpriced). The current plan spends more money than it would take to maintain the current bridge for either the same outcome or a worse outcome (more traffic).

  • anon

    It’s what you get for electing a ‘motorist’ mayor. Maybe next election a walker or transit user or cyclist will be elected.

  • Ian Turner

    Were there any non-motorists polling above 10%?

  • DB

    Broken windows at work. Look at that old man they went after for jaywalking. He assaulted a cop! Proof that jaywalking is a gateway crime.

  • Komanoff

    There is no federal grant. It (TIFIA) is a loan.

  • aj

    For $1.6 billion. On a $4-6 billion project.

    Short term financing secured at ~ 2%, but only because the Fed has been keeping interest rates low. That debt will eventually need to be rolled over into higher rate long term bonds. TIFIA loan is 4% I believe. So the majority of the bridge will be paid for at an even higher interest rate. Triple the tolls (only $3 for commuters remember) on the bridge, raise them upstate so that drivers around Rochester can pay for the Thruway Authority’s bridge, or have the state bail out the project. Presumably that will be what Cuomo uses the money for the next time he raids the MTA.

  • Andrew
  • Guest

    To get to Zero, the NYPD needs to lead by example.

    This is at least the second DUI cop story in the news since Bratton has taken over. He needs to take quick, firm action to reform the culture of corruption within the NYPD. Unfortunately, allowing his officers to beat up an old man for crossing the street against the light without public statement does nothing to instill confidence.

    If he even wants to try getting the job done, he needs to put an end to the drunk driving menace and its enablers in his department. He needs to root out the placard abuse and other law-flaunting automotive behaviors of his subordinates (unlikely as it is, given his own poor personal record…). He needs to stop stonewalling on making officers pay the red light tickets they get for blowing lights when they’re not responding to calls.

    Hell… maybe he should just make sure his officers obey the law, and a lot of improvement will just follow naturally. If he REALLY believes in the “broken windows” theory, Bratton really needs to start in his own shop!

  • Andrew
  • Andrew
  • Bolwerk

    I’m aware of that, but I thought they were still applying for a grant.

    Even the feds seem to realize it’s a dumb project.

  • Komanoff

    To my (limited) knowledge, there are no federal grants available for the new TZB.

    Not sure what you mean by “feds realize …” If you have any specifics, let me/us know.

  • Bolwerk

    Nothing specific. Nothing interesting anyway. As I remember, they sought a grant under another federal program and were rejected (circa 2011?). Maybe my memory is bad.

    It’s not bad about this, which is what I was thinking of yesterday. They actually are or were considering DHS grants. I saw it months ago, no idea what happened since.

  • JoshNY

    The NYT loves Cuomo way too much to ask that kind of question. They don’t seem to have dug very deeply into how he plans to pay for statewide pre-K without raising taxes either.