Eyes on the Street: Safer Crossings in North Corona

A new crossing at 114th Street and 34th Avenue yesterday. Photo: Stephen Miller
A new crossing at 114th Street and 34th Avenue yesterday. Photo: Stephen Miller

When we last checked in on the intersection of 114th Street and 34th Avenue in September, construction was about to start on a new pedestrian island and crosswalk leading to an existing path next to the Whitestone Expressway [PDF]. Now, work is nearly complete as winter sets in, and pedestrians and cyclists have a safer crossing to the path.

The plan, presented to Queens Community Board 3 in June, includes an enlarged pedestrian island splitting eastbound and westbound 34th Avenue at 114th Street. This gives pedestrians more space as they cross the avenue and eliminates a dangerous wrong-way route for cyclists accessing the path.

While the route still involves a guessing game with drivers exiting a high-speed ramp from the Grand Central Parkway, the crossing, which had previously included only signage, is now striped.

A wider pedestrian island (newer section on the right) splits 34th Avenue for safer pedestrian crossings. Photo: Stephen Miller
A wider median island (newer section on the right) divides 34th Avenue. Photo: Stephen Miller
  • Larry Littlefield

    Any improvement there would be appreciated, as I have used that route to ride home from baseball games.

    But I have a heck of a time finding the path alongside Northern Boulevard on the Citifield side. And it is generally coated with broken glass from end to end.

  • Suffering Met fan

    If you’re going towards Flushing, there is no path on the south side of NB crossing the creek. From Citifield, head north on 126th or the exit west of the stadium towards the water. You have to go under NB and through more parking / fensing to get to the bike path. You can also also take Roosevelt Ave. Stay away from the south side of NB. A cop told me I can ride on NB on the bridge with traffic. I told him no thanks.


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