Curb-Jumping Cab Driver Hospitalizes at Least One Pedestrian on East Side

Photo: Lauren Kirsch

A cab driver jumped a curb and hit at least one pedestrian on the East Side this morning, in an NYPD precinct that does not enforce speeding.

Lauren Kirsch of Murray Hill took this photo at Park Avenue and E. 32nd Street at around 8 a.m. FDNY got the call for a pedestrian struck at 7:18. A spokesperson said two people were transported to Bellevue Hospital, conditions unknown.

FDNY could not confirm whether the second person was inside or outside the taxi, which ended up against a building on the northeast corner of the intersection. NYPD had no information.

This injury crash occurred in the Midtown South Precinct, where as of September local officers had issued six speeding tickets all year.

  • Paul

    I think it might be time to install sidewalk bollards in NYC. Not only to prevent crap like this, but also to keep the cops from parking on the sidewalks.

  • Andrew

    Agreed, but the bollards should be in the car lanes, not on the sidewalks, which are already too narrow.

  • Joe R.

    There should also be bollards between traffic lanes near intersections to force drivers to slow down.

  • Andrew

    Why shouldn’t drivers be able to change lanes?

  • Joe R.

    They would still be able to, but only in between intersections. I said put bollards between lanes at intersections (i.e. before and after crosswalks), not along the entire street.

  • Andrew

    My mistake, I misread your post as proposing bollards between intersections.

  • KillMoto

    Bollards with big pointy spikes that are the level with driver’s faces.

    Split-level pointy spikes, one for SUVs and one for truck drivers. Sedan drivers get a bye.