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  • Jonathan

    Hoping that I am overreacting and misunderstanding, but AAA is against lowering the speed limit to 20mph because it will result in job loss?! A stunning set of priorities there.

  • Anonymous

    No, they are against it because they think it will annoy drivers, and the engineer nonsense is just a made-up excuse.

  • Anonymous

    The rebalancing problem is not unique to bike share. My neighbor works on these things, and it is a bigger issue for car sharing/rental, where you cannot so easily load a bunch of bikes onto a truck and schlep them to where they are needed.

  • Unimaginable courage by the Cohen-Eckstein family. There is little anyone can say other than thank you.

  • Albert

    Considering that millions of traffic deaths were not able to be avoided by all the efforts of all the traffic engineers over a century, wouldn’t eliminating traffic engineers’ apparently ineffective role be *exactly* what needs to happen, at long last?

  • Guest

    How does a 20 mph limit affext the work of traffic engineers any more than a legislated 30 mph limit?

    I call nonsense!

  • Joe R.

    I agree that traffic engineers have been somewhat ineffective at preventing deaths but in my opinion it would be far worse if legislators were in charge. Case in point-legislated speed limits, starting with the national 55 mph speed limit (which was later repealed) first caused speed limits to be treated casually by motorists. This eventually filtered down to ALL traffic laws being treated as suggestions. Not helping the matter is inappropriate and/or excessive use of traffic controls at the behest of legislators or community leaders. The problem was further compounded with Detroit making motor vehicles which are grossly overpowered given the capabilities of the average driver, coupled with inadequate driver training. That’s actually one area I wish legislators would get more involved in. Stricter driver training, coupled with a reasonable power limit of 20 to 40 HP per ton, would make the streets far safer than anything traffic engineers could do.

  • Joe R.

    Very true. Just about all the speed limits in NYC are legislated, including highway speed limits where are the very last thing which should be legislated. And then on top of that you have community boards forcing the issue on traffic signals or stop signs, even when traffic engineers feel these are not the best solutions. Finally, you have loads of cases where traffic engineers propose street redesigns which benefit everyone, only to be overruled by community boards because a few parking spots might be lost. You know the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen.

  • Bolwerk

    Transit advocates are still waiting for a $467,000 grant to study the efficacy of using “QueensWay” for its rightful purpose.

  • Anonymous

    I invite readers to visit the storefront locations of AAA. I know of one on Hillside Ave, Jamaica. The zeitgeist of the place is stifling.