Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Unmentioned in Final Mayoral Debate; de Blasio Leads Lhota, 65-26, in Q Poll (NYT, CapNY)
  • After Rejecting Petrosino Lawsuit, Judge Rules for City in Village Bike-Share Station Case (Post)
  • Two Brownstone Brooklyn Precincts Issued Zero Speeding Tickets Last Month (News)
  • Driver Topples School Bus in Area Rejected for Slow Zone; Residents Complain of Speeding (Advance)
  • Council Approves SI Wheel and Mall After Last-Minute Deal, Including Transpo Agreements (Advance)
  • Flushing Commons, Where EDC Required Massive Parking Garage, Delayed Again (Crain’s)
  • Parked Car Catches Fire, Which Spreads to Home, Killing Four in Mount Vernon (NYT, News)
  • People Trip or Ride Over Wheel Stops at Bike-Share Stations and WCBS and DNA Are On It
  • Minneapolis Bike-Share Claims Supplier Bixi in Breach of Contract (Montreal Gazette, Atlantic Cities)
  • Straphangers Campaign Finds Rats, Graffiti, Missing Tiles in Rating of Subway Platforms (WCBS, News)
  • Residents Complain About Street Change After Other Complaints Led City to Fix the Status Quo (DNA)

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  • Brick

    Because pedestrians don’t have to contend with wheel stops aaaaaaaaanywhere else, right?

  • Anonymous

    Now they are building that Wheel they need to charge for the S.I Ferry to capture some $$ off the tourists flocking out there to ride it. The Ferry should be configured to work with the MetroCard, including a free transfer to MTA bus/subway on the other end. This will have minimal impact on S.I. residents since many have to use MTA transit upon reaching shore anyway, and for those that don’t why shouldn’t they have to pay for their commute like I pay for mine from Queens? The deal that made the Ferry free was not that rational to begin with, and now, decades later it really has no logic behind it. Millions and millions are being lost operating the SI Ferry, while needed transportation improvements around the City, including on SI, are fighting for funding.

  • Bolwerk

    Why what might be the most overstaffed subway systems on the planet has one of the crappiest records with station upkeep would make a much more interesting Straphangers report.

  • Anonymous

    or ventilation grates, tree fences, cellar door frames, sidewalks uprooted by trees, security bollards….

  • Parent

    One Citi Bike user hits wheel stop, injures self. Cops out within hours to paint the wheel stop to make it more visible.

    Hundreds of kids, seniors, and everyone in between killed by cars. Cops clean up the road and keep the traffic moving as quickly as possible, no criminality suspected.

  • Shemp

    DNA story is shite – there is no bike lane on 56th, the wheel stops are at nearly all the bike share stations