Today’s Headlines

  • Who Would Mayor de Blasio Pick to Succeed Ray Kelly? (NYT)
  • Daily News Talks to Harlem Bus Riders About Select Bus Service, Finds They Can’t Wait
  • Driver Hits, Critically Injures 3 Year-Old Boy in New Lots; “No Criminality Suspected” (WNBC)
  • Teen Commits Murder-Suicide by Crashing Car; the News and Gothamist Call It an “Accident”
  • The Key Word in This Headline About de Blasio Getting Hit by Citi Bike Rider Is “Almost” (News)
  • Shared Bicycle Lanes on Crotona Avenue Are Too Much for Bronx CB 6 to Handle (Bronx Times)
  • Bay Ridge Community Board Renews Push for Stoplight at Crash-Prone Intersection (Bklyn Paper)
  • WNYC Covers NYPD’s Weekend Speeding Crackdown, Notes It’s Unclear Where Tickets Were Issued
  • P.S. 232 in Lindenwood Gets Speed Board to Remind Drivers to Slow Down (Queens Courier)
  • East Midtown BID Poll Shows Almost Two-Thirds of Area Residents Oppose Rezoning (DNA)

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  • Anonymous

    Can someone please write an article about every time I’m “nearly” hit by a car? Admittedly, I’m unimportant and not very photogenic, but still: highly newsworthy!

  • Jonathan R

    I second the motion for more dporpentine coverage.

  • Reader

    Great idea. Someone could have written six articles about me this morning alone.

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    New York City, October 18- Today started like any other for dporpentine. S/he had his/her breakfast and opened the door for the daily commute. After saying good by to his/her roomate/significant other/relative/child/pet/apartment, s/he began commuting.

    In what has been a far too often occurrence for dporpentine as well as average New Yorkers while cycling/walking, three of whom were killed in traffic violence last week, s/he was nearly hit by a car. “I am not photogenic but I wish someone would have recorded it” s/he said with a slightly alleviated heartbeat.

    Police sources, speaking anonymously, as they were not given permission to speak on the record, say no criminality is suspected as dporpentine is unimportant.

  • kevd

    I almost got hit by the B train today.
    There I was, minding my own business on the platform, when WHAM.. A B train comes flying down the tracks, just feet from me!

  • ohnonononono

    RE: Bx CB6 freaking out about shared bicycle lane signs, I wasn’t too familiar with that stretch of Crotona Ave so I went to Google Street View of it and what’s the first thing that pops up on the random stretch of the street I happen to view? Two locals riding bikes on the street!

  • Bronxite

    I can assure you that the NIMBYs are a minority. Bronxites are pretty happy when any sort of new implimentations come this far uptown. Bicycle lanes are mostly viewed positively here and these compaints are not validated by facts.

    I would love to see parking protected bicycle lanes on Southern Blvd, the Grand Concourse, Third Ave, White Plains Road, East 161st/163rd and East Tremont Avenues though.

  • Bronxite

    I don’t understand the opposition to the Midtown East rezoning. Do people not realize it will be many years before the population of workers noticebly increases? New skyscrapers will not appear overnight. What was important was to upzone the area now so that we can support the coming demand for new office space and increased working population in the not to distant future.

    It’s important to develop modern, dense, transit oriented construction in close proximity to mass transportation and East Midtown is a great location. Eventually the Second Avenue Subway will also serve the neighborhood.