Today’s Headlines

  • Drunk Driver Kills Olvin Yhair Figueroa, 3, Injures Mother in Jackson Heights (NY1, Post, Times Ledger)
  • Police Arrest Driver Who Fled After Critically Injuring Pedestrian, 25, in Corona (News, Post)
  • John Dozier, 64, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver While Crossing Street in Canarsie (News, WCBS)
  • Activists Stencil Markings Where Eight Children Have Been Killed by NYC Drivers This Year (News)
  • Criticisms Arise As North Shore Busway Gets Sandy Recovery Dollars (Advance via 2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • State Senators Use Hearing to Stump Against MTA Fare Hikes (NY1, AMNY, WCBS)
  • 125th Street SBS: CB 10 Chair Still Unhappy, While Perkins Claims He Was Never Against It (DNA)
  • Even the Post Seems Tired of the Lawyer for “Well-Heeled Residents ‘Victimized’ by Citi Bike Racks”
  • With Crosswalk Reopening, WTC’s Vesey Street Footbridge Closes for Good (DNA)
  • Council Member Oddo Wants SI Fast Ferry; NY Waterways Says: Cough Up the Dough (Advance)
  • Riding Bike-Share at a Wedding: As Popular As Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie? (NYT)

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  • J

    Interesting that in the same weekend, citibikes are described in one article as “an eyesore, stuck squarely in between two of the city’s most famous designated landmarks”, and in another they are described as “joining Grand Central Terminal and the Brooklyn Bridge as oft-used backdrops”.

  • Mikhail Rosenbloom

    The street next to a plaza is usually empty — there are no moving cars period on that little street … Most cars (read all ) will make a right onto 59th street or will continue on on the fith avenue

    The only rare exception is a taxi/carservice picking up people from plaza. They will wait in the rightmost line for a customer. I believe 2 lines are enough for that ….

    The real reason to complain for Plaza because it;s residents are actually using citibikes instead of black cars …

    I work right across from plaza and this is in no way an eye sore, the reason NYC is so successful because the city is willing to change with times and not to become a living musem like a lot of UNESCO cities around the world.

  • Kevin Love

    I see that the “News” continues its well-earned reputation for sloppy writing and poor journalism. Such gems as “…eight sites where young children have been killed by cars this year.”

    Killed by cars? Car drivers had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it? These bad pieces of machinery just up and viciously crushed to death eight young children all on their own? The car driver was just an innocent bystander?

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world where people actually care about human life, we have broadcast public service announcements like these three examples. Notice how the victim is not blamed, but the responsibility is put squarely where it belongs.

  • Kevin Love

    The Post does not seem to have got the memo that the irrational hate of Citi Bikes is over. Is it really news when card-carrying members of the 1% object to us peasants getting in the way of their Rolls Royces?

    My heart really bleeds for the horrible predicament of “well-heeled residents “victimized” by Citi Bike racks near their properties.”

    Hey 1%! If you hate us peasants and our bicycles so much, then I’ve got a solution. You can get the hell out of New York and set up your own little feudal paradise somewhere else. Just make sure you bring enough robots to do the actual work, since the world of today has a somewhat short supply of fawning, non-uppity peasants.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The MTA is borrowing $billions and yet has a surplus. I think the State Senators, all of whom seem to be over 70, are upset at the thought that anything might be left after they are theirs are through pillaging the state.

    You hear these people, and perhaps you get the sense why I’m almost cheering for a federal default. Let the consequences of what has been done be experienced while those who did it are around to share the pain. Instead of just poorer generations that follow who have “time to adjust.”

  • Bolwerk

    Except the people who did this mostly won’t experience the consequences.* Neo-cons and teabaggers will just find a way to sneer at all the lazy moochers they drove into poverty, as they have with every other crisis they’ve created over the years.

    * Actually, a default might reward some of them. After the default, interest rates will go up. Who benefits from that?

  • Inky

    Did Oct 14, DNews — “City Will Slow Down Drivers With New Slow Zones” make it into Today’s Headlines? Great piece

  • JK

    Using the standard accounting rules for local and state government the MTA is running a roughly $3B annual deficit. Confusingly, the MTA uses these rules, called GAAP, for its audited financial statements, and cash basis accounting for its budget. Cash accounting ignores huge unfunded liabilities, including capital needs and retiree benefits. Debt is skyrocketing because the MTA is borrowing to pay for the cost of its operations — “capital maintenance” for buses, subway cars, tracks, signals etc. Though some may disagree with their funding solutions, Citizens Budget has a good new short primer on MTA finances.