Today’s Headlines

  • Samuel Cohen-Eckstein, 12, Killed on PPW; NYPD Says He Chased Ball Into Street (StoopNews, DNA)
  • Ray Kelly: Deadly Traffic Crashes Just Too “Complex” for NYPD (Atlantic Cities)
  • De Blasio Talks Bikes, MTA Payroll Tax, BRT, Dodges Congestion Pricing on Reddit (News, Advance)
  • At CityLab Conference, de Blasio Says Protected Bike Lanes Are a “Success” (WNYC)
  • Officer Arrested in Assault Case After Video Shows Him Smashing SUV Window (News, PostWABC)
  • State Court: Taxi of Tomorrow Needed Council OK; Mayor Will Appeal (NYTWSJ, WNYC, CapNY)
  • TA Volunteers Gather Signatures for Traffic Calming on 21st Street in Astoria and LIC (DNA)
  • CB 6 Committee Supports Filling Gap in 2nd Ave Protected Bike Lane; Full Board Votes Tonight (DNA)
  • Driving? New Yorkers Just Aren’t That Into It (Crain’s)
  • JSK’s TED Talk Lays Out the NYC DOT Playbook: Quick, Cheap, With Lots of Seating (WNYC)
  • NBBLers of 9 PPW, Meet Your New Neighbor (Brownstoner)

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  • Anonymous

    Time to calm PPW further.

  • Eric McClure

    Streetsblog wrote about Sammy Cohen-Eckstein’s parents in a 2008 story:

    I feel for them. We need to get our streets to a point where this doesn’t happen.

  • Fed up

    Let’s connect the first two headlines. Maybe Ray Kelly should go to Sammy’s parents home and explain to them why the death of their son is just a part of life in the big city.

    “We do have 8.4 million people,” [Kelly] said. “We do have a daytime population that’s over 10 million people. You’re going to have a lot of traffic and you’re going to have accidents.”

  • Sammy’s dad spoke in defense of the PPW bike lane at the 2011 CB6 hearing.

    “I like to pick up my kids from Hebrew school on my tandem,” said Prospect Park West resident Gary Eckstein. “Before it wasn’t safe, but now I can do it.”

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Bill de Blasio: you need to step up right now and start talking about Vision Zero and how you hope someday your very near neighbors on PPW should never have to endure what Samuel Cohen-Eckstein’s family is going through rigt now.

    If you want to project even the itty-bittiest bit of leadership, you’ll do this. If you want to make sure that everyone knows your word is your . . . nicely composted banana peel, you’ll go back to vague “tale of two cities” talk.

  • Anonymous

    Sammy had just ridden the 100 mile NYC Century last month. This was a kid who knew his way around traffic better than many adults. CIS had better do everything necessary to estimate the speed of the van, and to investigate how it came to be that (as has been reported) only the rear and not the front tires of the van struck Sammy, before reaching final conclusions.

  • Bronxite

    Love that TED talk.