Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates: City Leaving $363 Million for Transit on Table in Midtown East Rezoning (CapNY)
  • New Haven Line Metro-North Service Significantly Reduced for Days Due to Power Outage (NYT)
  • After Complaints From Staten Island, DOT Proceeds With Loosening Bus Lane Rules (Advance)
  • DMV Guards Allegedly Took Bribes to Help Commercial Driver’s License Test-Takers Cheat (News)
  • Unlicensed Teen Driver Who Killed Ariel Russo Offered Five to 15 Years for Guilty Plea (Post)
  • Manhattan DA Announces Guilty Verdict for Drunk Driver Charged With Vehicular Assault
  • Cabbie Who Severed Tourist’s Leg in Crash Says He Can’t Sleep, Will Be Back on Road (News)
  • WTC PATH, Like Most Calatrava Projects, Past Schedule and Over Budget (NYT via 2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Canadian Firm Got 10% Commission for Managing Citi Bike Sponsorships (Montreal Gazette)
  • Looking at Sixth Avenue, WABC Notes That Seattle’s Guerrilla Bike Lanes Became Permanent

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  • $363 Million… that’s enough for a lunchtime pizza party on one of the MTA’s existing construction projects

  • BornAgainBicyclist

    Himon’s PR piece in the NYDN is outrageous. Pretty reprehensible. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    The MetroNorth New Haven line outage is a disaster, and points to the lack of redundancy in the northeast corridor.

    But what happened to the post-Sandy plans to run Express Buses along disabled corridors? Some suggestions:

    1) Create a dedicated bus-only lane on I-95 for Express Buses all the way into Manhattan, and have it enforced by CT and NY State Troopers;
    2) Grant MegaBus, Bolt, and Greyhound permission to put a fleet of buses into service on this route, and lower their fees;
    2) Raise the prices I-95 tolls during this crisis at peak times, which should bring about some carpooling just to handle the tolls.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? Looks like this could go on for a while.

  • Jeff

    I believe there is redundancy. They were/are simply in the process of doing maintenance on the redundant systems. So this is just really bad luck as far as redundancy is concerned.

  • krstrois

    Totally agree, that piece made me ill. This guy has been nothing but totally disgusting from the moment he maimed this poor girl. I imagine he sleeps just fine.

  • Anonymous

    You can thank the “has trouble sleeping” and “remorseful” statements to the fact that he’s now speaking through his lawyer. Compare that to his initial media interviews, which were all very self-incriminating.

  • Anonymous

    You can thank the “has trouble sleeping” and “remorseful” statements to the fact that he’s now speaking through his lawyer. Compare that to his initial media interviews, which were all very self-incriminating.

  • Guest

    You’ve got to be F-ing kidding me!

    This guy was a menace on the road when he was getting enough sleep. Why would anybody say it was ok for him to keep driving if he can’t sleep at night?

  • Kevin Love

    And what his lawyer said was truly disgusting and sleazy:

    “His having to know what happened as to this young woman — having to deal with that for the rest of his life — is his punishment,”

    I imagine that the woman whose leg he violently ripped off is also going to have to deal with that for the rest of her life.

    Can you imagine a lawyer saying that if the victim were the same but the crime was different? Something like:

    “My client is truly remorseful that he got drunk and raped a British tourist. He has had horrible nightmares in which he remembered her screaming as he violently raped her. That is his punishment, so no other punishment is necessary.”

    Disgusting and sleazy, isn’t it?

  • Joe R.

    I’m sick to my stomach after reading that. We’re going to let him drive again, much less only 30 days after he maimed a young woman for life? As for the having trouble sleeping bit, that’s PR bullcrap. A truly remorseful person would be spending his/her days raising money to help Sian Green deal with this, not contemplating getting back into the same cab he nearly killed her with. He ruined someone’s life. She’ll never be able to do what she loves again, never be able to work, and never be the same emotionally. The only victim in all this is Ms. Green, and I give her credit for putting on a brave face. Had I been in her shoes, I would probably be lying in a corner in a fetal position for the next two decades.

    Start deportation proceedings and send this despicable POS excuse for a human being back to where he came from. And do the same for his lawyer.