Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Nosath Hossain, 58, on Queens Boulevard (NewsABC7)
  • Yankee Stadium Garage Operator Owes City $42 Million (News)
  • TA: Lhota Needs a Street Safety Plan to Compete With de Blasio (Crain’s)
  • To Give Passengers a Smoother Station Experience, MTA Reconsiders Turnstile Placement (NYT)
  • Guerrilla Bike Lane Stripers Make Their Mark on Sixth Ave in Midtown (City Room)
  • Komanoff: NY Taxpayers Will Be Forced to Bail Out Cuomo’s Tappan Zee (Nea-Polis)
  • Here’s What the Tappan Zee Transit Task Force Is Debating (Lohud)
  • 200 Hail-able Green Cabs Are on the Streets (NYT)
  • Denis Hamill Mellows Out, Gives Bloomberg Credit for Bike Lanes (News)

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  • Bolwerk

    Cuomo is another symptom of the Tea Party. Had he been faced with a challenger who had some grasp on reality, he might have been forced into discussing some of his malignant proposals. Maybe that’s a small consolation, since he pretty much glided through the Democratic primary too, but at least he wouldn’t have surprised us. Either way, a closet right-wing lizard got an easy ride to the governor’s mansion.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve already taken green cabs a couple of times, although in both cases I called them, didn’t hail them. Until recently, I wasn’t aware that they only use the meter if you hail them; if you call them, it’s the old-fashioned mystery pricing approach.

    The other day I saw the green cab numbered “AA001”. I felt tempted to hail it, but I didn’t need to go anywhere. 😉

  • I could do without any more Gary Taustine comments in my life. Put a sock in it, ya jerk

  • Eric McClure

    Seth Pinsky should have his wages garnished for the next 1,000 years to pay back the taxpayers for the Yankee Stadium garages.

  • Eric McClure

    Amen. His 15 minutes have expired.

  • Bronxite

    The guerrilla bike lane strippers are admirable. We could definitely use some of this activism in the outer boroughs too. Don’t forgot us!

  • Bronxite

    The underutilized parking lots should be razed and the city should launch a design competition on innovative ways to use the space.