Today’s Headlines

  • MTA’s Wish List Offers Preview of Next Five-Year Capital Plan (NYT, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Bill Bratton on de Blasio’s NYPD Commish Short List (News)
  • Council Speaker Contenders Include DickensGarodnickVaccaWilliamsWeprin (Crain’sWorld)
  • After a Million Citi Bike Trips, There Have Been Eight Reported Crashes (News)
  • Vacancies, Fastrack, and Sandy Lead MTA Overtime Costs to Exceed Estimates (WSJ)
  • CM Koslowitz and CB 6: Losing 14 Parking Spots Isn’t Worth Fewer Injuries, Deaths (News, DNA)
  • Street Annexation to Expand McCarren Park, With Initial Plaza Planned by Summer (Bklyn Paper, DNA)
  • Pelham Parkway Neighbors Fight Sidewalk (Bronx Times)
  • Construction Set to Begin on Randall’s Island Connector Greenway From South Bronx (DNA)
  • Food Trucks Get Booted From Midtown Streets to Make Way for Parked Cars (DNA)
  • Assembly Member Joan Millman Wants Bike-Share Station on Vacant Carroll Gardens Lot (DNA)
  • How Is Citi Bike Doing After Its First 100 Days? Hard to Tell From This WPIX Piece

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  • Brick

    Great, because a dozen cars in Midtown is a much better economic stimulator than a dozen businesses feeding a few hundred people a day, right?

  • Bolwerk

    Isn’t Bratton the guy who implemented the delusional policies Ray Kelly clings to? I know he spoke out about the extent Ray Kelly took them to, but then Ray Kelly spoke out about them a decade or so ago too.

    Really time for some new blood.

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    On the News CitiBike article, I was about to say “this is one of the best treatment I have seen on their website in years” until the following tidbit (which, incidentally can’t decide what material an expensive bike is made of, Titanium or Carbon Fiber)

    “Riders and pedestrians curse the food delivery bikers as being
    dangerous and out of control, but it was the costly carbon-fiber bikes
    that were Tour de France’ing their way across lanes of traffic, leaving
    food delivery bicycles in their titanium wake”

  • Stanley

    I have mixed feelings about Citibike so far. Some of the issues should be solved eventually, like the reliability of the app. As it stands, the app seems to only be accurate to +/- 5 bikes or so, which is a problem when racks are almost full or empty.

    The bigger problem for me is that the racks near me are almost always full or empty at the times I would want to use Citibike. I have a pretty typical commute from a more residential area to a more commercial area and have given up on using Citibike daily. Once in a while I will check out a dock if I am leaving at an off hour or have some extra time to walk around looking for a bike, but usually I will skip it. I’m afraid that demand is so high that this problem is unsolvable without drastically increasing the number of bikes and docks (10X) or drastically increasing the price. Neither option is likely to happen.

    Undoubtedly Citibike is very successful and is a great transit option for many people who commute in less popular directions, but it doesn’t work well for the mainstream commuter.

  • Anonymous

    Ray Kelly was the police commissioner under Dinkins and was largely responsible for the crime rate turn around that Guiliani and Bratton always get too much credit for. They both did a decent job, although I think that they were mostly folks who were in the right place at the right time. They were there when the fortunes of the city and the demographics of it were in flux.

    As for de Blasio, I’m a little disappointed. It’s certainly time to start looking outside of the Kelly/Bratton box and searching out new blood. The problems that we have now are not the ones we had then.

  • Jeff

    This sentence confused me as well. Are the bikes carbon-fiber or titanium? Which one am I supposed to be more angered by? Why do people use different modes of transportation than me?

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    If I am going home to work and back home and the weather forecast is good, I have found my personal bike is best as it avoids the dockblock and empty dock issue. Also, it saves the 2 block walk to a dock.

    I go Citibike for some legs of mixed trips (e.g. home, work, subway to friend’s, errand, home) or when the weather is bad on one leg of my commute.

    I am pushing for eliminating all on street car parking and replacing it with bikeshare docks but that hasn’t caught on yet.

  • BornAgainBicyclist

    I am also advocating for replacing all on-street car parking and replacing it with bikeshare docks — at least running the full length of two sides of every four-square block in the Manhattan coverage area. And I am serious. CitiBike has around 80,000 members. I haven’t done the calculations (I’m sure there are some nerdier readers out there than I who can oblige) but I would be surprised if it took much time at all for those to be well-used.

  • soexcited

    Anyone want to try and woo Cathy Lanier from DC?

  • ohnonononono

    I wanted to love Citibike but 100 days in I don’t think it’s acceptable that so many docks are so frequently not working and that my trip history still says “You have not rented any bikes yet.” Forget the rebalancing issue, which isn’t really their fault. They’re still not maintaining the system well. I call in the broken docks all the time and they usually tell me they’re already aware of the problem… yet it’s not fixed yet.

  • Anonymous

    Bratton will be more of the some with some minor tweaks around the edges.
    NYPD really need some new leadership from someone who hasn’t already been co-opted by the institution.

  • Ian Turner

    Why was Ray Kelly responsible for the crime rate turnaround? We saw the same effect in other cities that didn’t have Ray Kelly.

  • When a big Citi Bike dock downtown was installed downtown, CBS2 and other networks were all over it, taking up the cause of displaced food vendors.

    But replace food trucks with a 10 car parking spots and Tony Aiello and company are nowhere to be found.

    Tells you a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Other cities were undergoing the same demographic trends that NYC was as baby boomers were maturing. I also think that commissioners and chiefs all over the country were probably reading off the same page and coming to understand the problem in the same way. Kelly’s idea of getting officers out of the station and into the community surely had validity, as did Bratton’s ‘broken windows’ approach. No one person was responsible, but they also knew not to stand in the way of progress.

    But then again, we have different problems now. The dumb schmuck who drives an over sized vehicle with a ‘cattle catcher’ onto the sidewalk and hurts kids because he says that he doesn’t know the difference between the accelerator and the brake is a different kind of criminal than the one who sticks a gun in your face and demands your wallet.

  • Bolwerk

    Not to say policing had no impact, but it’s a common fallacy that police are supermen who have an outsized impact on crime rates.

    Especially when discussing New Yorkers. You’d think we were all naughty little children who need our daddies in the NYPD watching us, lest we turn to crime to amuse ourselves. It’s a sentiment shared by Bloomberg, Kelly, Giuliani, Lhota, and most Republikans around the country. Somewhere north of 80% of the drop probably had zilch to do with policing.

  • Bolwerk

    Baby boomers were already in their 20s and 30s by the mid-1980s. The crime wave was the work of Gen X, the same generation that pooped out authoritarian goons like Ted Cruz. You can even see a continuity in the thug mentality.

    You can blame boomers for a lot of failings, but not that one. 🙁

  • Danny G

    Just be sure to stick a 4′ wide gap every fourth or fifth rack so that after you get off of the bike, you can jaywalk anywhere you like.

  • Driver

    “Food Trucks Get Booted From Midtown Streets to Make Way for Parked Cars”

    This headline is inaccurate and misleading. There is no legal parking for cars, except possibly for permit zones in this area during business hours. Just about any legal curbside parking in midtown is restricted to commercial vehicles 3 hour limit 7 am to 6 pm.

  • Driver

    These are not car spots. They are commercial vehicle loading zones. That said, this crackdown likely has nothing to do with parking, and everything to do with the interests of rent paying food businesses in the area.

  • Joe R.

    Most high-end bikes these days are carbon fiber. Titanium was the greatest thing about a decade ago but carbon bikes can come in a few pounds lighter. That said, I bought a second-hand titanium bike on eBay two years ago for two reasons. One, I don’t trust carbon on NYC streets. It has a very abrupt failure mode. Two, titanium is stronger than steel and doesn’t rust. My 25 year old Raleigh was literally rusting out from under me. I wanted a bike where I wouldn’t have to worry about rust or paint chipping. It also happens to be about 11 pounds lighter than the Raleigh, but that mainly matters going up hills.

  • Driver

    I am disappointed to see this comment highlighted as “word on the street”. It is an inaccurate comment based on an inaccurate headline. I expect better from Ben and the Streetsblog editors.

  • Guest

    Bratton?! I had a nagging feeling de Blasio’s street safety bit was just a charade…

    There’s no way we’re going to get much progress on safe streets if we install another Police Commissioner who believes he’s entitled to park illegally because he’s somebody special:

    StreetsPAC should threaten to rescind its endorsement if he doesn’t drop from contention candidates who demonstrate public disdain for the law and display an irresponsible use of motor vehicles!

  • Ian Turner

    I think StreetsPAC’s endorsements were specifically for the primary round. He has to earn it again for the general. (Although it’s hard to imagine them endorsing Lhota).