Today’s Headlines

  • At 40 Percent, de Blasio May Avoid Runoff (NYT) to Face Lhota (WSJ), Carrion, and Hidary
  • Stringer Bests Spitzer for Comptroller (NYT); James, Squadron Head to Public Advocate Runoff (NYT)
  • BP Primary Winners: Katz in Queens (DNA), Brewer in Manhattan (Epoch Times)
  • Council Winners Include Menchaca, Reynoso, Torres, Gibson, Levine, Constantinides (NYT, WNYC)
  • Brooklyn DA: Thompson Tops Hynes, Who Will Not Run on Republican Line in General (News)
  • Times Casts Walking and Biking as Bloomberg “Pet Issues,” Despite Embrace by Public and de Blasio
  • Bay Ridge Community Board Wants to Be Included in Speed Camera Rollout (Bklyn Paper)
  • Hunts Point Market Walks Away From Talks, Will Negotiate With Next Mayor (Post)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Injures NYPD Officer in Bushwick; Suspects in Custody (WABC)
  • Driver Injures Cyclist, Then Starts Yelling, Punching Her (Animal)
  • Thruway Set to Borrow $700 Million to “Buy a Little More Time” As It Awaits TIFIA Loan (LoHud)

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  • krstrois

    Cop sustains injuries, two suspects are immediately in custody (good, that’s where they should be). Woman viciously beaten after being knocked off her bike, cops don’t even investigate. This is why I pulled the trigger and voted for DeBlasio. He will at least replace Ray Kelly, whose police just disgust me.

  • It’s not the Times as an organization casting street livability initiatives as a pet issue… it’s writer Michael Barbaro, who is fairly consistent in getting the issues wrong. At the very least, acknowledge that the entities that spent the largest percentage of their own resources getting involved in pedestrian plaza and bike lane rollouts was not any city agencies under the control of the mayor, but instead media outlets and automobile lobbies? This is where a little navel-gazing would come in handy.

  • Bolwerk

    It’s not that simple. Unfortunately, conservative (yep) de Blasio probably won’t want to fire police officers who abuse their power like that. And if you defend yourself from a cop who decides to rough you up and then make up a reason, you’re guilty.

  • Bolwerk

    Right-wing New York Times is pretty upset about Quinn’s loss. It wasn’t supposed to be that way! The race was supposed to be between a Rudy Giuliani scion and Mike Bloomberg, not somebody who believes in things like the Fourth Amendment and a Rudy Giuliani scion.

    Not sure how to suggest proceeding though. A run-off with Thompson could keep the spotlight off Lhota, and shorten the time inept de Blasio has to defend himself in the general. ‘Cause there is going to be a right-wing smear campaign the likes of which this city hasn’t seen in years.

  • Mark Walker

    I’m so bummed that Helen Rosenthal beat Mel Wymore for the UWS city council seat. I hope Mel and the equally capable Ken Biberaj will seek elected office in the future. I won’t forget their names.

  • Reader

    Advocates need to lean heavily on Rosenthal. She likes to be seen with her bicycle, but her actual policy ideas on safe streets leave a lot to be desired and its unlikely that she’ll change the status quo without pressure.

    First order of business needs to be replacing some of the pro-parking community board leadership on the Upper West Side.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if any Streetsblog readers are familiar with Better Book Titles, a humor site where Brooklyn-based comedian Dan Wilbur humorously retitles books to describe their actual contents (for example, “Oedipus Rex” becomes “How I Met Your Mother”), but today he did Robert Caro’s “The Power Broker”:

  • Kevin Love

    The other Times (of London) has got it right. Their cycling initiative is something that I wish the New York Times would follow.

  • Joe R.

    How I wish I could have been around when that happened. The driver would have been in the hospital. Bad enough he hit her with his vehicle, but to beat her after she’s already hurt? WTF is wrong with people nowadays?

  • Kevin Love

    You are only guilty if the jury says so. And lots of New Yorkers are justly skeptical and will accept the legitimate right to self-defence of people assaulted by out-of-control violent members of the NYPD.

  • Joe R.

    Exactly. I’d say there’s a less than 10% chance I would convict someone for assaulting a police officer if that person had no prior criminal record. I would figure this was just another case of an out-of-control police officer abusing his/her power, and getting what they deserve.

  • Bolwerk

    Perhaps, but if you look closely you see that’s a big part of the problem. Unless prosecuted, which is rare, the officer will still be on officer. We on the street are innocent until proven guilty, but police are effectively right until proven wrong.

    If you ask me, that case of the cops not even investigating a woman being beaten that @krstrois:disqus mentions already should be grounds for heads rolling. Maybe the guys who didn’t investigate could be allowed back into another branch of the civil service, but they shouldn’t be police officers.

  • Anonymous

    I love the NYT’s poll result filters which shows vote breakdowns by demographics. The rich voted Quinn by far. The Asians apparently voted for Liu.

    ‘Cause there is going to be a right-wing smear campaign the likes of which this city hasn’t seen in years.

    I wonder if BDB will have to kiss Bloomberg’s ring for his endorsement? If he gave it to Lhota, that’d be pretty messed up.

  • Bolwerk

    Heh. Quinn is the Mitt Romney type here, the default candidate of the of people who can afford whatever kind of failure comes from strict adherence to the status quo. She fakes a liberal noblesse oblige about as well too.

    I like how most assumptions about identity politics toppled. Gays and minorities all turned out in healthy numbers for the sanest person, not the people who reflect their subgroups rather than their interests.