Today’s Headlines

  • Debate Foes Tag Team de Blasio (NYT, News, Post, CapNY, NY Mag, Observer); Quinn Gets News Nod
  • Post Talks With Cab Crash Victim’s Family and Cabbie, Who Says Cyclist “Was in My Way” (1, 2)
  • Post Sets Out to Make Cyclist Involved in Crash a Villain
  • Vallone: “This Case Seems Like a Prime Candidate for Criminal Charges to Be Filed” (Gothamist)
  • Bike Snob: “If You’re Outraged Over All This, What Do You Do?”
  • Lander: State DOT Delaying Pedestrian Safety Fixes at Fatal Ocean Parkway Intersection (WCBS)
  • Council Set to Override Bloomberg Veto of NYPD Inspector General Today (News, NPR, Advance)
  • SI Pols Ignizio, Oddo, Malliotakis, Lanza Put Turning Drivers Before Bus Riders (Advance)
  • Gonzalez No-Shows at TA Forum, Leaving Challenger Menchaca to Talk Traffic Calming (Bklyn Paper)
  • City Will Fund Sunset Park and Rockaways Ferry Through End of January (News, Bklyn Daily, Post 1, 2)
  • Hypothetical Delays to Drivers Threaten Major Improvement for LIRR Passsengers (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Let’s Preface This NYT Fashion Section Piece By Saying That Bicycling While Drunk Is a Bad Idea

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  • Ian Turner

    Just unbelievable that the cab driver tried to blame this on bike lanes (which are not even present at the crash site).

    “Himon also claimed that the bikes lanes the Bloomberg administration installed in recent years contributed to the crash.”

  • Please, I love you guys but don’t feed into the concept that the bike messenger was in any way at fault for the action that maimed and nearly killed an innocent bystander and put dozens of others at risk of grave injury. His rap sheet has no bearing on the incident and it’s mostly littered with petty non-violent offenses. It’s not a crime to have a temper and it’s not a contributing factor in the cab’s movement. The driver of the cab has already implicated himself 100% in committing assault, and anything that anyone says to suggest that they should not throw the book at him is something that perpetuates driver privilege and traffic violence.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like they’re both kinda terrible people, but only one of them managed to slam 4000 pounds of steel into a crowd of pedestrians because he lost his temper.

    Anyway, I look forward to NYPD’s ticketing crackdown on those dangerous rogue cyclists around the crash site sometime next week.

  • carma

    so basically, the bike messenger was a douchebag itself.

    but the cabbie was a bigger douchebag.

  • The bike messenger is a self-righteous douchebag. The cabbie is an attempted murderer. We shouldn’t even be talking about the bike messenger.

  • Joe R.

    The cab driver actually admitted this line of work was too stressful for him. Of course, that doesn’t excuse his actions but it might cause anyone employing drivers in NYC to consider psychological screening. Needing to earn a living is no excuse to do a job where you’re a ticking time bomb. I tried bike messengering briefly in 1981. It wasn’t for me. I didn’t fly into rages but I realized very quickly if I stayed on the stress would take its toll on my health (ironically, taxi drivers where the #1 reason I found messengering stressful). The cab driver should have realized this a few years back.

  • That would cost money, and the cab industry is a collection of mogul-owned sweatshops that hoard medallions and rent cabs out for steep fees for shifts to economically desperate drivers. The cab owner lobby is so intensely political that they’ve had Bloomberg tied up in courts for years now, and they’ve taken it as far to try to smear him in the gossip pages over angry encounters. These owners would never agree to any safeguards ever.

    I agree with you in principle but the industry is actually built to be a capitalist “market” of cheap, aggressive labor, and you’ll have to take the whole thing down and wipe out billions of medallion value to get a real start on responsible employment in this industry.

  • r

    Totally agree. As New Yorkers, we encounter aggressive and rude people 1000 times a day. Most of us don’t wind up maiming someone else as a result.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say that the bike messenger kinda of made himself A villain. However he is not THE villain in this particular story that would be the cabbie. The messenger probably played a miniscule part in the crash. But the cabbie decided to try and kill him and played the biggest part in this fiasco.

  • Reader

    The Times and other outlets reported that the cab driver hit the gas instead of the brake, leading to the crash.

    But here’s the cab driver himself, quoted by the Post:

    “He started pounding on my car with his hands and was yelling things at me. I suddenly felt like I had to get out of there. It was becoming a bad situation. So I accelerated to get in front of him.”

    It’s amazing how complicit the media is in efforts to exonerate reckless drivers.

  • Anonymous

    “Providing very occasionally a right of way to people whose rights I don’t respect causes me to maim others!”

  • Joe R.

    Yep, the media make it sound like he was being attacked by “bikezilla”.

  • Bolwerk

    Stop feeding that stereotype too. New York is not markedly more or less rude than other places.

    The drivers might happen to be worse though.

  • Bolwerk

    Why doesn’t The Daily News blame Quinn for the coming financial storm they describe? She is arguably about as responsible for that as Bloomberg.

    It’s funny how Liu is being portrayed as extremist. As recently as the 1980s, he probably would have been seen as a moderate-conservative. He just happens to be less authoritarian than most of the other candidates.

  • Anonymous

    “he was in the way”

  • r

    I didn’t say that NYC was ruder than other cities – but it is denser. It’s just a fact that we’re going to encounter more people of all stripes, good and bad, than in most American cities.

  • Jeff

    Which is all well and good, until you add automobiles into the mix. Automobiles bring out the worst of NYC culture.

  • Bolwerk

    Automobiles largely come from outside NYC. They bring out the worst of suburban culture.

  • Anonymous

    You have to be somewhat pushy to survive walking through Times Square station and Penn Station. Otherwise you get run over.

  • Anonymous

    I know, right. Poor fucking cabbie. HE was the psycho. Honking on crowded ass midtown 6th ave, while trying to turn left, with tons of peds. He may be a shit driver, but he still has 3 years of experience. He should know by now that you can’t beat the traffic by being super aggressive in midtown during the day. Honking at some bike, ain’t gonna save you any time and it’s not worth gettin aggressive over.

  • vnm

    A livery cab blew through a stop sign this morning on a residential street with one travel lane, right in front of me as I was walking forward. Failed to yield to a pedestrian and failed to even tap the brakes at a stop sign. Didn’t touch me, but I was like, “whoa!” What can I do in this kind of situation? I feel like I want to walk around with a head-mounted video camera to tape all this crap.

  • Bolwerk

    Two places teaming with people from outside New York. Anyone else noticing a pattern here?

  • Bolwerk


  • Stacy Walsh Rosenstock
  • mo-flatbush

    I saw one of these incidents yesterday morning! Plus the livery cab driver wasn’t even looking up!! He was looking down at his cell phone while he was rolling on through the stop sign!!! The sticker on his car said “Five Star,” but I couldn’t get his license plate to report him.

  • mo-flatbush

    I saw one of these incidents yesterday morning! Plus the livery cab driver wasn’t even looking up!! He was looking down at his cell phone while he was rolling on through the stop sign!!! The sticker on his car said “Five Star,” but I couldn’t get his license plate to report him.