Today’s Headlines

  • Gelinas: To Save Lives, Next Mayor Must Prioritize Safer Streets (Post)
  • NYPD: Queens Hit-and-Run Victim Jose Pedilla-Argueta Dumped From Motorist’s Vehicle (News 12)
  • Queens Man Dead After Wife Crashes as He Clung to Hood of SUV (Post)
  • R Train Tunnel Between Manhattan and Brooklyn Shut for Sandy Repairs (NYT 12)
  • Yaro: One Way or Another, Region Will Pay for Transit Upkeep (CapNY)
  • Alleged Distracted Bus Driver in Fatal New Jersey Crash Works for MTA (News)
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvements May Be Coming to Staten Island Intersections (Advance)
  • Developer Closes Deal on Chelsea Gas Station (Observer)
  • Times Ledger Hands Megaphone to Speed Cam Conspiracy Theorist
  • Manhattan Bike Shop Owner Wants In On the Rental Business (DNA)
  • Slow News Day at the Brooklyn Paper

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  • Kevin Love

    Nothing like a conspiracy theorist. Oh no, an evil government is forcing people to drive cars fast in school zones to make a not-so-whopping $50 by endangering children’s lives!

    I used to be offended by this garbage. Now I just find it amusing.

  • Anonymous

    Great piece by Gelinas, but I had never heard of 19-wheeler trucks. Do they carry a spare wheel that’s also counted?

  • carma

    gelinas may need to look for a new job. she clearly doesnt fit in with the post culture.

  • Anonymous

    I think newspapers are less monolithic that Streetsblog readers sometimes makes them out to be. Even the Post and the Daily News. Their editorials may be crazy, but they do publish opposing viewpoints (and even news!) from time to time. The Daily News has published op-eds by Paul Steely White and by Sam Schwartz.

  • BikeShare helps Bike Shops

    The headline in the bike shop article is contradicted by the bike shop owners wise assertion that he is not competing with Citibike. “We’re about leisure, about exercise — Citi Bike is transportation,” Ugdar said.

    He should go to Montreal and see how bike shops flourish with Bixi. In fact, the #1 “Thing to Do” according to TripAdvisor is to get a tour from a local bike shop, Fitz & Folwell.

    I’m the perfect example. I got on a bicycle for pretty much the first time since childhood on a Bixi in Montreal, with a station in front of my hotel. On my next visit, I heeded TripAdvisor and did the Fitz & Folwell tour. Since then I’ve sent lots of friends to Fitz & Folwell as it is a great way to see the city.

    But without Bixi, no way I would ever have gotten on a bicycle in the city.

  • Anonymous

    Gelinas is VERY conservative, so this is not an example of the Post publishing an alternative viewpoint. It IS an example of people with often opposing ideologies reaching a similar conclusion — we need to make our streets safer.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of leisure and Citi Bike, I thought I might post my observations from yesterday. I rode the Hudson greenway for the first time since the launch of Citi Bike. I saw tons of Citi Bikes!* By my estimate, they were about 1/3 of the bikes I saw. Many were north of 60th St., which I think is a pretty strong indicator that they were being used for leisure. I even saw some north of 125th St. And of course, it is likely that many of the bikes I saw south of 60th St. were being ridden for leisure too.

    *Yes, I know someone might say that you only need a couple of Citi Bikes to get into the multi-ton range. 😉

  • Eric McClure

    Just another day of insane vehicular violence…. [sigh]

  • Anonymous

    She runs the only remaining conservative outfit that continues to produce readable prose.

  • Steve O’Neill

    Makes sense, since most people don’t work on Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Gelinas’s Post column is outstanding. It leads with the point — obvious to us livable-streets-ers, but transgressive to most Post readers — that safety means freedom from traffic violence as well as gun violence. And it drives that point home again and again, powerfully and eloquently.

    I disagree with her notion that Giuliani prioritized street/traffic safety, but that’s a minor quibble. A truly great and important piece by Nicole Gelinas.

  • Bolwerk

    The most conservative forces in New York City will always be Democratic lizards like Quinn and Weiner. The latter doesn’t even bother concealing the perversion and infantile tantrums that almost always accompany conservatism.

    Gelinas is probably more of a liberal, in the traditional sense of the word, who just happens to believe Randian economics Kool-Aid.