Eyes on the Street: Another Crash at Dangerous Jackson Heights Corner

All photos: Clarence Eckerson

Clarence came across this crash scene on Northern Boulevard at 80th Street in Jackson Heights yesterday at 7:00 p.m. This is the same intersection where a dump truck driver ran over and killed 11-year-old Miguel Torres the morning of December 28. If the traffic pole hadn’t stopped this car from barreling down the sidewalk, the consequences of this crash could have been just as severe.

NYPD’s public information office had no information about the crash, which means it didn’t result in a life-threatening injury.

In response to the crash that killed Miguel Torres, neighborhood groups, Council Member Daniel Dromm, and Transportation Alternatives held a forum on traffic safety with the 115th Precinct back in March. Commanding officer Michael Cody discussed the precinct’s focus on drunk driving enforcement but said nothing about deterring speeding, which is a factor in many more injuries and deaths than drunkenness. Last year, the 115th Precinct issued only about 15 speeding tickets per month.

To weigh in on street safety at the next precinct community council for the 115th, head to the precinct house — 92-15 Northern Boulevard — at 7:00 p.m.on the third Tuesday of September.

  • Max Power

    Traffic engineers are always recommending “improvements” that remove trees and utility/light poles from the edge of the roadway, since they’re objects that a motorist may collide with. But every few days, we see a report of a collision like this, which considerably better than someone crushing a pedestrian.
    Maybe we need more roadside hazards so incompetent or irresponsible drivers can make use of all of those safety features built into their cars, rather than killing people.

  • Ian Turner
  • the artful dodger

    This is my corner. Heard the thud and saw the outcome. My family also witnessed the aftermath of the tragic death of the eleven-year-old, as well as a number of accidents like the one shown here. I can’t walk back and forth to the subway and home without witnessing multiple illegal and idiotic driving maneuvers. Yet in terms of police activity, what do we get? Same old, same old: much effort around giving parking tickets and next to none addressing speeding, illegal U-turns, running red lights, etc.–the things that cause accidents like this. No real effort from the 115th precinct. Sad. Oh, and to top it off, the traffic lights on the corner shown in these pics were out in all directions for over 24 hours this week. Cops came for a while and sat in their car but didn’t try to direct traffic…maybe it’s fun to watch the near wrecks? We deserve better.


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