Today’s Headlines

  • NYC Budget Office: Surprise! The Yankee Stadium Parking Scandal Is a Disaster (IBO)
  • It’s Not Just Bike Lanes: Anthony Weiner Promises to Tear Out Boro Taxis on Day One (CapNY)
  • Tribeca CB Committee Likes Bike Plan, Except Short On-Sidewalk Route to Avoid Cobblestones (DNA)
  • Meanwhile, in Dumbo: Test the Bike-Friendly Cobblestone Options DOT Is Considering (Gothamist)
  • More Coverage of CB 6’s Fourth Avenue Vote (DNA, News, Bklyn Paper)
  • GW Bridge Bus Terminal Renovation, Announced in 2008, Now Indefinitely Delayed (DNA)
  • Google Maps Update Renders Many Bike Lanes Invisible (Accursed Ware)
  • Vacca Pushes for Bronx Ferry Service (Bronx Times); Weiner Announces 5-Boro Ferry Plan Today (NYT)
  • Post and Daily News Compete to Publish Dumbest Bike Article of All Time
  • DNA Interviews Tawkiyah Jordan, Former Sheridan Expressway Advocate, Current City Project Planner
  • Citi Bike Cycle Chic for Businessmen, or as Bike Peace Says: “It Suits You”

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  • carma

    i think the nydailynews is far worse than the nypost in terms of creating more crappier bikeshare hoopla. comeon folks. comparing bicycling with cage fighting? should i say bowling is also more dangerous than cage fighting as well since it involves chucking a 16 lb ball and the risk of throwing heavy objects can cause serious injury….

  • Anonymous

    Lots of fun headlines today.

    Dumbo Cobbles; I like the granite strip as it preserves the original cobbles but those will be very slick when wet. Lanes like those are used in LIC on cobble streets and they are great when dry and not blocked by double parked cars. New cobbles look nice but will eventually suffer the same fate as the originals.

    Post and Daily news stories are sooooo dumb. I don’t think any thing else needs to be said about those.

    Google maps are totally fucked. Directions seem to work OK though.

  • Ian Turner

    There’s no competition, the News won that one hands down.

  • Ian Turner

    There’s no competition, the News won that one hands down.

  • krstrois

    That MMA piece read like the very, very dedicated to MMA guy had submitted it a million times dubiously comparing MMA to many other things but only when he thought to diss bike share did the Daily News think the piece was worth running.

  • krstrois

    That MMA piece read like the very, very dedicated to MMA guy had submitted it a million times dubiously comparing MMA to many other things but only when he thought to diss bike share did the Daily News think the piece was worth running.

  • I thought the bikelash ended yesterday with the publication of the Times’ story on what shoes to wear while riding a bike for five minutes, but I was wrong. It ended today with Jeff Halevy’s piece in the News. Halevy set the bar so low, not even a printed Steve Cuozzo column could fit under it.

  • Anonymous

    Wiener. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is trying to frame Quinn as a continuation of Bloomberg, and position himself as a break with Bloomberg.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Yankee Stadium Parking — well the two operating companies never made their payments under the city’s subway bonds under the dual contracts.

    I won’t worry about the rent not paid. It’s worth it for the lesson learned. The important thing is that no matter how they try to put lipstick on the pig — affordable housing, economic development, first responders, whatever — the city never, ever pays a dime on those bonds.

    You know they want a bail out. That must never happen. It would be as bad as Albany passing a property tax break for the uber luxury condo on 57th Street at 3 am at NYC’s expense, with ever state legislator claiming to know nothing about it. Oops, that already happened.

  • KeNYC2030

    Can we send that CB1 committee on an all-expense-paid trip to Berlin, where cyclists and peds coexist on sidewalks everywhere without the world coming to an end? Or just introduce them to City Hall Park? We’re talking about ONE BLOCK, people. If they’re so concerned about the safety of Tribeca’s peds, why aren’t they clamoring for traffic-calming measures and speed, red-light, and yield-to-peds enforcement?

  • Bolwerk

    Anthony Weiner is less authoritarian than Christine Quinn on civil
    rights, but he is pretty much at war with anyone transit dependent.

    Concur with J_12 though. Weiner probably sees himself as one of those “real New Yorkers.” You know the type: live in a “middle class” project (not one full of THOSE PEOPLE) or in the boroughs, punch the most right-wing nut they find on the ballot, and drive everywhere. They loved Giuliani because he treated brown people like crap, but they hate Bloomberg because of his relatively sane transportation/planning politics.

  • APositiveProductionForTheBBC

    On the Google Maps problem, I’ve been working for about a year to get NYC’s bike lanes mapped. Anyone can edit Google Maps using Mapmaker, here: (Edits go through an approval process to help limit bad changes). Rendering problems for bike lanes is a bigger and ongoing problem. It seems to have been exacerbated by the wider roll-out of the new Google Maps. Bike lanes were rendering better on the new map before yesterday.

    The data is there, so it’s not a data problem. That is, the attributes for e.g. Kent Ave say “there’s a protected bike lane here,” but the green line just isn’t showing up for some reason. That’s probably why directions work even though lanes aren’t showing up. This problem has been around for a while and affects more than just NYC (here’s some threads about it in Mapmaker’s user forums: and Google is also aware of this problem and has opened a ticket for it as of January 2013:

    I don’t know why making the new map tiles more widely available would bork bike lane rendering so badly. It’s very frustrating. I hope Google fixes it soon, but they’re not very transparent or quick to answer on issues such as these.

  • Eddie
  • Ridgewoodian

    Interesting, though, that it was only $40 for running the red light. What are such tickets here? A couple hundred, right?

  • Bolwerk
  • Kevin Love

    I agree with Ian, the News wins the “dumbest article” prize. I’m flashing back to my statistics professor’s “How to lie with statistics” lectures. The News used one of his examples of a bogus methodology in which he “proved” that the most dangerous sport in North America is… golf.

    Yes, that’s right. More people die playing golf than any other sport. Why, you ask? It is because golf takes a long time to play,many of the players are elderly and everyone has got to die somewhere. By the undeniable evidence of body count, golf is the most dangerous sport.

    Or maybe that’s not the right way to look at risk.

  • GS

    Just change the word “sidewalk” to “NYC Greenway”. Problem solved. NYC greenways are the width of many city sidewalks and most peds and cyclists seem to get along fine there.

  • Bilbo

    RE: Tawkiyah Jordan piece: Doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with NYCDCP hiring someone with an already established agenda to run a study? Should our tax dollars be spent to look at things impartially?

  • Driver

    Using his logic, walking is far more dangerous than cage fighting based on the number of pedestrian deaths.

  • Daphna

    The Transportation Committee of Manhattan Community Board 4 also objected to a single block on a sidewalk and cancelled two bike lanes as a result. Eight bike lanes were slated for expansion from 8th Avenue to 12th Avenue in midtown. The Transportation Committee approved six but rejected two: the expansion of 48th and 51st Streets from 8th to 12th Avenue because bikers would have been directed for one block on the 12th Avenue sidewalk from 51st to 52nd Street to reach an intersection allowing crossing of 12th Avenue (to reach the greenway).

    The DOT determined that the sidewalk on the northbound side of 12th Avenue was sufficiently wide and lightly used by pedestrians and could accommodate a shared use easily. But the Transportation Committee of CB4 rejected the whole extension of 48th and 51st Street bike lanes due to this one block. They could have at least let those two streets each have a four block bike lane extension and just left off the sidewalk part.

    Instead the Transportation Committee decided they will re-visit the issue in 3 or 4 or 5 years whenever the water main project is complete. However, they could have put this new better street design in place even while the project is underway and they could still have re-visited the plan for better bike lanes on the streets when the water main is complete.

    If they had not rejected the 48th and 51st Street lanes, there would have been some provision for bikes between 8th and 12th Avenues, which is better than nothing.

  • Keith Williams

    This is spot on. He could have just written a comparison with boxing and … no one would care.

  • Joe R.

    The Daily News piece is misleading by omission. The number of people cage fighting is far lower than the number of people cycling. If enough people are doing an activity, eventually some will die from doing it. How many people die each year sitting at their desks, for example?

  • Bolwerk

    A lot apparently, though unfortunately not fast enough to rid us of the staff at the NY Post and Daily News.

  • Daphna

    Alta launched NYC bikeshare with less than 310 docking stations, rather than the full 330 stations that were planned. It has been nice to see that Alta has continued to install the missing 21 docking stations post launch. Now they have only six more to install. However, many of these newly installed docking stations are still missing their thermoplast perimeter stripe, their flexible delineators and their concrete parking stops. The citibikes look vulnerable to motorists hitting them without the full set-up.

  • cc

    What a moron Weiner is. First of all, taking out the Broadway bike lane is not going to reduce congestion. Second of all, how the hell is the general public going to benefit from getting rid of the outer Boro taxis? He says they won’t want to come to your house anymore? That makes no sense. You’ll still be able to call them to come pick you up wherever you are. And how does it benefit people to not be able to hail a taxi in the outer Boros?