Ad Nauseam: “In New York, I Can’t Get Anything Done Without a Car”

Meet Erin Walsh, Manhattan fashion stylist. In a video series, Vogue follows Walsh around New York as she visits celebrity clients preparing for a gala. And because the videos are sponsored by Cadillac, they relay an important message: Walsh could not function if she weren’t being driven around the city in a large Cadillac SUV.

“I think in terms of working in a city like New York, especially in New York, I can’t get anything done without a car,” Walsh says shortly before the 30-second mark, as the video shows her typing and texting in the back seat. “I might be in the car with my computer prepping for another job while we’re en route to the next one.”

Her SUV, which the videos miraculously never show stuck in traffic, also shields her from the hustle and bustle of the city — you know, other people. “My work demands as much and as many moments of concentration as you can allot. You need that quiet amidst the chaos,” Walsh explains.

But the chauffer-driven car offers more than just a stress-free work space. Walsh gets her inspiration by looking out her car window at pedestrians. “Even between appointments, my eyes and my ears are always open because you’ll see the way a certain woman walks down the street and the way she carries her handbag,” she says over gauzy shots out the window.

It looks like Veronica Moss has found her stylist.


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